Snackers, rejoice. You can take the girl out of Ritz-ville, but you can't take the cheesy crackers cravings out of the girl. But just because you’ve gone plant-based doesn’t mean you have to give up spectacular cheesy crackers, thanks to ParmCrisps newest line of plant-based ParmCrisps, made with 100% dairy-free cheese. With more and more consumers looking for vegan snacking options, the Montclair, New Jersey, headquartered brand has launched Plant-Based ParmCrisps in two flavors, Sea Salt and Cracked Black Pepper, to join its line of cheese crisps made with real cheese.


“The ParmCrisps innovation strategy has always been developed with the consumer top-of-mind,” said Sam Kestenbaum, CEO of ParmCrisps in a company press release. ”When we noticed a trend toward plant-based snacking, we partnered with Whole Foods to create a solution for both our consumers and our retail partners—Plant-Based ParmCrisps-—[which taste so good] that we’re confident both mainstream and plant-based consumers will fall in love.”

Starting this month, you can pick them up at Whole Foods nationwide with an SRP of $4.79. You can also place an order on ParmCrisps' website. However you procure ‘em, be sure to save brushing your teeth for a little later in the evening—post-dinner snacking has never been better.
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