It’s been a year. We all need coffee. Or a beer. Or, um, both in one fell sip? Well, have we got news for the thirsty: Pabst Blue Ribbon has officially unveiled Hard Cold Brew Coffee, and we can’t wait to say bottoms up, à votre santé, salud, or whatever it is when you clink your beverage with air at home and say “cheers” for the umteenth virtual happy hour in a row.

In 2019, PBR became the leaders of the “hard coffee” category, and its now adding Hard Cold Brew to the lineup, which boasts 4.2% ABV and just under 30 mg of naturally occurring caffeine. The non-dairy beverage comes in a four-pack and is shaping up to be quite the workhorse in our liquor collection, serving as a nice stand-in for spiked coffee at brunch, before football kick-off, or even as an ingredient in a frothy dessert adult beverage (coffee slushie with vegan caramel sauce and whipped cream, we’re looking at you).

With a touch of mild sweetness, many will enjoy this libation straight, but some might enjoy adding a few drops of coffee extract or bitters to enhance the flavor profile. We also think it makes an extra match for a bowl of Corn Flakes in lieu of your favorite plant-based milk—only when the occasion calls for a boozy breakfast, of course.

So far, Pabst Blue Ribbon Hard Cold Brew is available in five states for purchase: Wisconsin, Ohio, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Illinois. Here’s to hoping they expand their launch states in short order so we can all have a boozy, delicious cold brew to raise and say “cin cin” to a Zoom screen near us real soon.

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