Oprah Chats with Suzy Amis Cameron About her One Meal a Day Plant-Based Initiative

|Updated Feb 24, 2020

We can all agree that plant-based eating is the kindest thing to do for your body, animals and the environment, but the transition from omnivore to plant-based is often the biggest barrier to adopting the lifestyle. Actress-turned-activist Suzy Amis Cameron (married to director James Cameron) sat down in Oprah’s sprawling vegetable garden to discuss her new book, which focuses on her OMD method that encourages people to have at least one meal a day that is plant-based. On her website, Cameron elaborates, “The OMD movement is also about system change—about expanding access and making a great case for schools, businesses, restaurants and communities to move towards more plant-based options. One meal at a time. One restaurant at a time. One school at a time. Saving forests, coral reefs, endangered species, and the air we breathe. Your health is worth it. And our majestic, wild planet home is worth it.”

Check out the OMD movement here, and watch Oprah and Suzy's full conversation above. We are obsessed with her natural beauty, her natural approach to life and what an example she is in the midst of a celebrity world so obsessed with cosmetic surgery and surface values, Suzy Amis Cameron embodies authentic beauty and the allure of living a purpose-driven life.