Tony Horton was one of the best-known trainers in the fitness world for creating P90X, a series of video workouts so popular that it became a  go-to fitness trend at the White House gym, under President Obama, where staffers would meet up to do their toning sessions before the workday began, and First Lady Michelle Obama was known to be a big P90X fan.

Now 61, Horton has turned his focus to nutrition as part of his wellbeing message as he recovered from an auto-immune disease, Ramsay Hunt Syndrome (a rare complication from Shingles). He had lost 25 pounds, including his strength, his balance and his ability to "bring it" — temporarily. Now, he's built back his strength and is fitter than he's been in years. He wants to help others stay active and energized, and experience "active aging." His new mission is to "shatter the concept that people have to slow down because of their age.​"

Horton has launched a new product line, and while he is still motivating people to work out every day, this is his first foray into the nutrition field, having designed a new supplement line, Power Life, to help people get the protein and nutrients they need.

The Beet caught up with Tony over email to ask him to help us with the pressing question: "How do we get motivated to be healthy now while sheltering at home?" Here is the advice he has to share now, to gather up your strength, stay fit and healthy to fight off any potential infection. He holds Facebook Live workout sessions in his home gym (which we envy right now) with his wife. You can follow along at

Check out his home gym: Watch this video. Favorite line: "Here are my classic parallel bars. Everyone should have parallel bars in their backyard!"Also another favorite moment: When he misses the tomahawk throw and hits the turf to do five pushups. Anyone who watches America's Ninja Warrior will love his backyard Ninja course. Watch him go up three bar-hop-ups and down three bar-hop-ups. As he says: "Not bad for an old guy!" Watch his gym tour and you'll see why we asked him how to "Continue to bring it" now, when we are all locked inside.


 Q. What are some home workout techniques to try during this time?

A. Being stuck at home is no excuse, not to exercise or at least move your body one way or another. I learned long ago that the best piece of equipment in your home is your own body. Upper body, lower body, core, and cardiovascular exercises can all be done without a single piece of fitness equipment.

Push-ups, squats & lunges, crunches and running or marching in place are perfect examples. Stairs are also a perfect way to strengthen your legs, heart, and lungs. One, two, and three stairs at a time will certainly provide variety and varied intensity too. If exercise isn’t your thing, then turn up the music and dance around the house like nobody is watching. My wife Shawna and I have 4-song dance parties twice a week.  

Q. What are some tips for people who are just now discovering they want to get healthy and begin working out for the 1st time?

A. Getting stronger and healthier doesn’t require going to a gym, or even committing to intense strenuous workout routines. It does require that you be consistent doing something 5 to 6 days a week.
The main reason why so many people aren’t exercising at all, is because they lack a plan and accountability. If you know what to do and when to do it, combined with a partner or great group of people to do it with, your odds for staying consistent go through the roof.
Plan all your workouts/activities/classes in advance, and find someone/anyone who would be interested in joining you. Are your partners in your home, in your neighborhood, at work, online? All you have to do is ask.         


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