It's easy to be inspired by the younger generation's activism and drive to fix social issues that are important to them. According to a recent survey, 65 percent of Gen-Zers want to go more plant-based and 79 percent choose to go meatless a couple of times a week to help lighten their carbon footprints.

An incredible example of Gen-Z's drive to change the world for the better with a plant-based approach is Florida's newest vegan eatery, Bourne Brilliant, which was founded by three sisters, aged 13, 12, and nine.

Bourne Brilliant Showcases the Leo Sisters' Drive

Lyrica (13), Zaira (12), and Nadira (9) Leo are the brains behind the Tallahassee, FL patisserie located in the Breezeway Market which hand-crafts baked goods and refreshing beverages. Open Thursday through Sunday, Bourne Brilliant started out as an idea and a $50 loan from the father of the Leos to get it started. Now, it's a business that Zaira told the Talahasse Democrat, "We want to carry it on in our family for generations.”

The three sisters have been mentored by Chopped winner and Tallahasse-based chef Shafrica Simmons, who says of the Leo trio, “They’re amazing. I’m super impressed with their vigilance, their passion, their conviction for what they do."

Bourne Brilliant's brick-and-mortar shop in the Breezeway Market launched July 25th, and you can visit from Thursday to Sunday each week to stock up on their vegan baked goods, pressed juices, teas and preserves made by their grandmother Ella.

On Saturdays, the Leo sisters prepare hot food for purchase, with a menu that s constantly changing and can be found updated weekly on their Facebook and Instagram pages. This menu regularly includes dishes like Roti,  Rice and Peas, BBQ 'Wangz', and Caribbean favorite Callaloo. These hot meals are served largely in paper packaging for the sake of the environment.

You can find Bourne Brilliant's offerings at the Breezeway Market every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We applaud the Leo sisters for their incredible ambition at such a young age and cannot wait to see what else they cook up in the coming years.

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