New Black Family-Owned Vegan Bakery Makes Treats Just “Like Mom’s” Only Vegan

|Updated Aug 17, 2020
Instagram / @likemomsonlyvegan

Hey, Cincy friends, do we have some news for you: Like Mom’s Only Vegan bakery has opened up and the menu offerings are enough to make even the staunchest of pretzel salt aficionados ready to indulge their sweet tooth.

The Black family-owned vegan bakery is certainly leaving fans inspired by their driving principles, too. “I am a 20+ year vegan and have raised my children to be vegans as well. Raising a vegan family before it was popular meant a lot more cooking at home, and less eating out,” co-owner Naomi Sams, who owns the business with her mother Sakile Chenzira, told VegNews. Sams’ four children work for the bakery, too.

"Like Mom's Only Vegan" is a Family Affair

“I made the decision to never let my children feel left out when it came to their vegan lifestyle, so I always ensured that they attended pizza parties with their own homemade vegan pizzas and celebrated birthdays with their own vegan cakes. They would even share their food with curious friends and family members, who were intrigued and impressed by my recreations of favorite meals and desserts in a vegan version that was still delicious.”

Currently available for delivery in Cincinnati and at the city's popular Findlay Market seasonal farmers’ market, there’s a fantastic list of cupcakes and cookies to choose from to delight all kinds of cravings. Chocolate? Blueberry? Nutty? All of the above? We’re not sure where to start.

Cupcake-wise, you can pick from four cake flavors, vanilla, chocolate, blueberry, and citrus, mixed with either vegan cream cheese, chocolate, vanilla, lemon, or strawberry icing.

For cookies, it’s a cornucopia of plant-based pleasures: chocolate chip, lemon-cran poppyseed, nutty fruit, oatmeal raisin, double chocolate chip, Rocky Road, almond butter chocolate chip, peanut butter chocolate chip, and sugar N spice—each flavor costs $11 per dozen cookies.  All of the cookies can also be made gluten-free for $13 per dozen.

And dare you ask, yes, they taste just like the cookies whipped up by your mom’s or Aunt Su or your middle school bestie Chloe, only vegan. We’re really hoping they expand to nationwide delivery in the near future, dear readers.