So you wanna be like the social media megastar and model Alexis Ren? We count ourselves among the channel Alexis René Glabach Every Damn Day cohort, too. As the founder of the female empowerment program wARriors and co-founder of the eco-friendly households and toiletries brand Future Prosperity that helps reduce plastic waste, we love that she’s a model on a mission to change the world—and that she seems to keep an ever-positive attitude about the future, too. Her love for the beach and dogs doesn’t hurt her case, either.

Now, we’re excited to learn that the model-cum-activist espouses the virtues of a plant-strong diet, as we learned in a recent interview in Women’s Health. “I've been dabbling in [a] plant-based diet for the last four years," she told the outlet "I realized that there's such an abundance, you don't have to sacrifice taste or quality of food when you're vegan."(FYI, as Alexis admits in the feature, she occasionally eats fish, so she’s not 100% vegan.) Here are some of the plantiful (get it?) staples for the model-turned-activist.

  • Metagenics vanilla protein shake: Alexis loves this pea-and-rice-based protein powder as a post-workout treat. We also love the chocolate version so experiment to find your favorite.
  • Kale salad: Want something that tastes like, as Alexis says, “fire?” Then it's all about this nutrient-dense salad for lunch, dear readers. "I'll chop up the kale I picked in small pieces with my hands and add onions and then garbanzo beans because they're a really good protein," she shares. Alexis also adds avocado to the base and slathers it in a homemade dressing of olive oil, lime, and nutritional yeast that’s so good, so good-for-you, and so easy to make. Pair this with a piece of bread, and you’ve got a model-worthy super-meal.
  • Cauliflower rice bowl: Inspired by beloved vegan haunt Cafe Gratitude's dish, but better. Atop a base of cauliflower rice, Alexis adds boiled veggies, and sautéed onions before ladling on a cashew-based sauce, coconut aminos, and some more of that cheesy-flavored nooch yeast. It pretty much sounds like the perfect dinner, if you ask us.
  • Fruits galore: Alexis loves bananas, but any fiber-rich fruit is a boon for whole foods, plant-based diet. For Alexis, ‘nana time comes right before her morning workout:  "I don't want to be in fasting mode in a workout because then you're depleting your muscles," she explains.
  • Boosted water: Her ideal H2O gets a flavor boost from limes and a hint of stevia, and keeps her hydrated all day long. "It tastes like lemonade or limeade,” she comments of her DIY drink.

For more on what Alexis eats in a day—including her fave desserts—read the full article on Women’s Health. For more celebrity, plant-based inspiration, check out what Ariana Grande noshes on and Lenny Kravitz’s raw, vegan go-to's.

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