For several years, Misha’s Kind Foods quietly made its rounds in the LA Farmer’s Market scene, winning over customers and their tastebuds one vegan-cheese bite at a time. Now, this Black-owned, dairy-free cheesemaker is getting a major seat at the table—and a seat on the shelf—with its entrance into one of the most important retailers: Whole Foods. Misha’s Kind Foods has also expanded into other retailers including Lassens, to add on their footprint at existing Southern California health food and specialty shops.

Misha’s Kind Foods is known for plant-based cheeses and spreads that amalgamate creative flavor profiles with a rich and creamy texture and consistency. Made from a cashew and almond-milk base, they use locally sourced, fresh herbs, vegetables, and spices to create their cheeses. All items are void of vegetable oils, soy, fillers, starches, or nutritional yeast.

Misha’s Kind Foods Founder Aaron Bullock promises this is just the beginning of his brand’s expansion. They set out to build a “vegan cheese that doesn’t suck,” a cheeky saying the company often uses to sway people that still might be skeptical—one taste by any cheese lover and they will agree that it doesn’t suck, and it is in fact delicious.

"We are passionately committed to providing healthy and delicious, dairy-free options for various dietary lifestyles that our consumers may have," says Bullock. "The expansion of Misha’s into Whole Foods and Lassens is a great way for us to introduce our well-crafted cheeses to new customers across SoCal, and soon nationwide."

Misha’s Kind Foods is currently available via select retailers across Southern California including Whole Foods, Lassens, Erewhon, Mother’s Market & Kitchen, and more. They are also sold online through the company's website with delivery nationwide. The line features seven different flavors: Black Truffle, French Connection, Joi, Lox, Sari, Seven Point Five, and Smoked Cheddar. Flavors are limited per store location. Cheese are between $7.99 and $9.99 per container

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