When pressed for time, protein bars can be a convenient meal replacement or healthy snack but you need to know which ones are good for you and which ones are calorie bombs. Many protein bars are full of hidden sugars and unhealthy preservatives that give you a short energy kick that spikes your blood sugar but then leaves you hungry again in minutes. One of our favorites for a boost of natural energy and clean, plant-based protein is made by Mezcla.

Mezcla, Spanish for 'mixture,' is a new vegan bar that "celebrates the world's diversity through food and art." There are three flavors, each highlighting a different region:  Peruvian Cocoa Peanut Butter, Japanese Matcha Vanilla, and Mexican Chipotle Hot Chocolate. The cocoa in the Peruvian Cocoa Peanut Butter flavor is sourced from Peru, the Chipotle in the Mexican Chipotle Hot Chocolate flavor is sourced from Mexico, and the Matcha in the Japanese Matcha Vanilla flavor is sourced from Japan. The ingredients are rooted in these countries to ensure the best quality taste and sustainable farming practices.

The packaging of each bar tells the story of the place: Each is designed by local artists who live in the countries where the ingredients are sourced. Scan the QR code on the label using your cell phone to access new art that changes weekly. Saki Muraki, an artist from Tokyo, designs the Japanese packaging.

The Beet talked to co-founder, Griffin Spolanksy who shared more interesting background info about the brand. Spolansky started Mezcla with Coco Sotelo, after the two met at an entrepreneur class. A few meetings later, they discovered that there was a missing protein bar that didn't exist, that tastes good, delivers health benefits, but also would go above and beyond just the bar itself, to be about the artisans and the place, and "the rest was history."

Mezcala Tastes Like a Crispy Treat With Natural Ingredients From Around the World

Mezcla protein bars taste unlike any other power bar we've tried. Instead of a rubbery texture of most bars, Mezcla is a thin, crunchy rectangular-shaped bar made with pea protein crisp and a similar texture closer to a rice crispy treat. Each bar consists of 10 grams of vegan protein and 3 grams of dietary fiber, which is known to promote digestion and weight loss. Keep a Mezcla bar handy for after a workout or in the car, and learn a little more about rich cultures all over the world while you eat.

Visit EatMezcla.com and get your first three protein bars for free (just pay to ship).


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