Meditation app Headspace is offering a yearly subscription to its premium level free of charge for those who are unemployed during this tough time. Those who qualify can visit Headspace's website to sign up, where they say: "The current state of unemployment in the US has become an alarming crisis. To help those affected, we’re offering a full year of Headspace Plus for free. Discover meditation and mindfulness tools to help you feel less stressed, more resilient, and kinder to yourself."

The brand already offers free subscriptions to those in the education fields and the health industry, but looked to the current pandemic as an opportunity to support people who may be facing financial uncertainty currently. In an Instagram post, they elaborated, saying, "Headspace was founded to improve the health and happiness of the world — for whoever needs help, but especially those who need help most. It’s why we offer free subscriptions to educators and health care workers. And it’s why from today we’re offering every unemployed person in America free access to Headspace Plus, for a year. Headspace can’t fix everything — but it can help you cope with today and whatever tomorrow brings."

Meditation is a great way to release stress and learn to manage anxiety. Studies have shown that the practice can help with anxiety disorders, stress, negative mood, PTSD and even addiction relapse prevention. During these tough times, having a healthy coping mechanism like meditation can be vital to preventing feelings of despair. While Headspace does offer a free trial of ten sessions for new users, here are some other free meditation apps that can help alleviate anxiety and stress.

  • Insight Timer: Insight Timer has 45,000 free guided meditation sessions on their app, as well as a free course to learn how to develop a practice and a timer that allows users to customize their own sessions.
  • The Mindfulness App: On this app you can create and customize your own sessions by choosing different lengths and sounds, and even integrate it with your phone's health app to track the growth of your practice week to week.
  • Relax Now: Relax Now features soothing sounds and spoken words from certified hypnotherapist David Ridgeway D.Hypn., M.N.C.H. Users can customize their background music, and the app comes with a 50-page ebook that offers helpful tips and meditation how-tos.

Download the app that speaks most to you, and then head over and read our article about seven products that can help bolster your peaceful practice.

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