Billionaire entrepreneur and Shark Tank star Mark Cuban just keeps on putting money into plant-based companies. His latest, and largest, investment is in an at-home plant-based milk machine called Numilk. Cuban invested $2 million into the kitchen appliance that also makes lattes and protein shakes at the press of a button. Numilk makes it even easier for consumers to make dairy-free milk from almonds, oats, and any other plant-based ingredients affordably and without additives. The machine will allow anyone who wants to produce their own milk in the comfort of their home without food or packaging waste.

Numilk’s founders Joe Savino and Ari Tolwin created their machine with the hopes of cutting down waste and providing an accessible way to consume more plant-based milk. Numilk initially launched a large-format kiosk that appeared in Whole Foods Markets in 2018. Now it's more akin to a SodaStream, but instead of creating seltzer water, it creates nut milk. The Numilk machine is also like a Keurig because you have to keep on buying the pouches that contain the ground-up nuts, and ingredients to make your milk of choice. The company's website states:

"Numilk pouches contain only the things you actually want in your plant-based milk of choice: organic, pure, whole-food ingredients. Unsweetened Almond, for example, contains only pre-ground organic almonds and Himalayan pink salt."

And it also assures consumers:

"It's also important that we point out what's not inside: no gums, no fillers, no processed sweeteners, and no preservatives. Only ingredients you can recognize - good for your taste buds, your health, and our planet."

The founders are on a mission to help consumers make their own non-dairy milk

“Three years ago, we asked ourselves: What if we could revolutionize plant-based milk to make it what it should be--waste-free, pure, nutritious, and delicious; better for our taste buds, health, and better for the environment,” Tolwin explained to VegNews. “We are excited to partner with Mark because he is truly aligned with our mission to make plant-based what it should be.”

The company organized a Kickstarter campaign that meant to promote its Numilk Home, exceeding the initial goal. The Kickstarter raised nearly $137,000, surpassing the baseline $100,000 it hoped to attain. The Numilk home brings consumers a machine that limits waste and limits purchases. The product will allow consumers to use pre-filled ouches that create vegan milk, shakes, and lattes. The company claims it will reduce a person’s carbon footprint by 90-percent compared to when purchasing pre-packaged milk.

“With Numilk, you make your own delicious clean plant-based milk, lattes, and protein-based shakes in less than a minute,” Tolwin said. “Numilk is better tasting, better for you, and better for the planet. The best thing we can do to accelerate the movement to plant-based is making plant-based as awesome as it can be, and Numilk does just that.”

This is far from Cuban’s first investment in a plant-based product. The entrepreneur became a vegetarian in 2019, and since then has repeatedly shown interest in propelling the success of business and brands that assist plant-based dieting. Cuban invested in a number of vegan companies including Pan’s Mushroom Jerky ($300,000), Everything Legendary ($300,000), and Snacklins ($250,000). The $2 million investment surpasses his contributions in the past and shows his unwavering dedication to help plant-based a business that he believes will find success.

Numilk’s Home machine can be purchased for pre-order with the company’s current estimated delivery set for August of 2022. Currently, the machine is priced at a Shark Tank special at $199. The company hopes that the machine will shift how consumers think about grocery shopping, and it seems that Cuban shares those hopes with a substantial amount of money talking.


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