For me, it's easy to start off my day strong with a green juice and a salad for lunch, however, when it hits that time of the workday between lunch and leaving work, I lose all self-control and just need something crunchy to reach for. Luckily, I found a snack that satisfies all my afternoon cravings called Love, Corn.

Love, Corn is a dry roasted corn snack that comes in three flavors: sea salt, habanero chili, and smoked bbq, and pack a serious punch of delicious savory. (Currently eating the sea salt flavor as I write this). You can find these easily-accessible snacks at Whole Foods, Target, Walmart, ShopRite, CVS and online at Amazon, which makes them a great option when you need a bite on the road. Grab them in individual pouches, which are perfect to throw in a tote bag for now or later when you're on the go.

Love, Corn is focused on providing snacks that are made of clean and simple ingredients. The ingredients are as simple as it gets. The sea salt flavor has three ingredients: non-GMO corn, sea salt, and sunflower oil. The company believes that "delicious food can change eating habits." Rather than eating empty calories, this low-calorie snack has protein, good fibers, and good carbs.

If you find yourself loving the kernels as much as me, use roasted corn to add crunch to your salads, bowls, and soups. Next time you make your vegan taco bowl, sprinkle some of the habanero chili for a spicy and salty element. After discovering Love, Corn in the pantry at work, it has become a necessity when grocery-shopping. Now I can enjoy them at work or add them to my dinners at home.

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