Comedian Sarah Silverman recently made a big promise on a recent episode of her eponymous podcast The Sarah Silverman Podcast. A vegetarian since the young age of seven, Silverman ended up pledging to make the switch to a fully vegan diet after receiving an on-air call from a listener persuading her to let dairy go, which begins at the timestamp 43:20.

Sarah Silverman Promises to Go Vegan on a Recent Podcast Episode

"Hey Sarah, as someone who has a really strong moral compass, I wanted to get your take on why you consume dairy products. Not to come across as a crazy vegan, but a dairy farm is a meat farm. When a mama cow has a boy they take the boy cow away and they slaughter it for veal. And if the mama has a girl, that cow is raised to be a dairy cow. The mama instinctively needs to spend a year with her baby, feeding them. But they rip the babies away from the dairy cow because they don’t want to waste the milk on the little baby cow, they need the milk for humans. So, there’s a traumatic separation to cows; all the cows are yelling and they are depressed and it’s horrible."

The listener then went on to also appeal to Silverman's eco-friendly interests, stating that cows account for 10 percent of all greenhouse gases produced. He mentioned vegan alternatives to dairy products, like Ben & Jerry's non-dairy options to fill the void left by letting butter, cheese, ice cream, and milk go.

"F***. He's right. I mean, I've been a vegetarian since I was 7 but I've been eating dairy and eggs. Sometimes I don't eat eggs like right now I'm not because I can't–it grosses me out." Silverman continued on to promise to start to drop dairy, saying, "I'm going to go vegan."

"I think you've just witnessed me get officially grossed out and not want to be a part of this anymore. The climate change part is so real: The cows, that's such a big carbon footprint." We're excited to watch the comedian begin her vegan journey. By the looks of a recent Instagram post, she's already begun.

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