If you’re trying to live a plant-based lifestyle, you know the news is a moving target, new products are being introduced by the hour, and study after study tells us this is the healthiest way to eat for ourselves and the planet. There’s always something new to learn on your journey.  We listened to the most popular podcasts out there to bring you six that are definitely worth your time, to inspire you to eat healthily and understand how to get the most out of your approach, whether you're leaning into plants of fully committed to a vegan lifestyle.

We’ve composed a list of podcasts that revolve around plant-based living, veganism, and go into depth on health, lifestyle, meditation, mindfulness, sustainability, and more.

  1.  No Meat Athlete Radio – Spotify & Apple Podcasts

As an author and avid marathon runner, Matt Frazier’s podcast hosted with Ben Benulis is an in-depth, personal take on veganism and a whole food plant-based diet. It’s filled with interviews with athletes, doctors, chefs, and more!

With well-known guests like Rich Roll, Brendan Brazier, Rip Esselstyn and others, Matt visits topics like what to do when you DNF an Ultra Marathon, and: "Why it took Matt 7 years to Quality for Boston and How You Can Do It Quicker."  Thank goodness!

As explained by Matt himself, “Our goal with No Meat Athlete Radio is to bring you the same type of friendly, no-preach information and inspiration for vegetarian and vegan athletes in a format that you can bring along to listen to.”

Favorite Episodes:

  1. A Better Life with Dr. Sanjay Gupta – Apple Podcasts

Dr. Sanjay Gupta is an extraordinary science reporter, a neurosurgeon by training, and CNN's Chief Medical Correspondent. When he speaks, America listens. In fact, we wish he were our own personal doctor.

Gupta is both friendly and science-driven, and he has reported on the biggest health issues around the world. He is "everyone's doctor," providing perspective on more than just health issues. Gupta's CNN reports have connected human health to the wellbeing of the planet, and on his podcast, his daily one-minute episodes supply an immense amount of information in a short amount of time.

From covering the link between flu and heart attacks to the link between perfectionism and depression, we can't recommend this podcast highly enough. While not strictly vegan, he is an advocate for eating more plants, but he discusses the health benefits of honey (not on most vegans' list of things they would eat). Still, give this podcast a chance, since you're sure to learn something new from Dr. Gupta every time you listen.

Favorite Episodes:

  1. Live Planted – Spotify & Apple Podcasts

Who says living a plant-based life has to be difficult? This relaxed, conversational vegan podcast is kind of like talking to your best friend, who just happens to know everything about being plant-based. From living with zero waste to being more mindful, the host, Alyssa, claims that “There is no right way to live this lifestyle, so there are different perspectives and guests each week.” Alyssa, the show's host, is a Midwestern girl who felt the need to help others live a plant-based life in the easiest way possible.

If you’re passionate about environmentalism and cruelty-free practices, Alyssa shows you how to follow those morals while making practical decisions. It doesn’t have to be hard, and her entire approach is to help you feel less stressed. We love the topic: "How to Lighten Your Mental Load."

The show goes into health, wellness, activism, environmentalism, cruelty-free practices, sustainability, animal rights, and how to make it all work while living a 'regular' life. if you know anyone who wants to make the switch to veganism, Alyssa is there to help real people make it work.

Favorite Episodes:

  1. The Ian Cramer Podcast – Spotify & Apple 

Ian Cramer’s plant-based journey started in grad school when he was given the movie Forks Over Knives. Ever since then, he has been known as the “Plant-Based Cyclist,” who is passionate about nutrition. His podcast has evolved with his interests and learning process. His interviews are both incredibly insightful and interesting to listen to, with interviews from plenty of plant-based practitioners, doctors, authors and scholars of lifestyle medicine.

The goal of the podcast for Cramer was to get the wheels turning and to get people thinking, as they learn about living healthier lives through diet and lifestyle modifications. He challenges some speakers whose philosophies differ with his and despite having his own strong personal philosophies, he is willing to learn more about others and bring his learning to the public. Recently he interviewed the author of the book Plant-Based on a Budget, Toni Okamoto, about the myth that it's expensive to be plant-based.

Favorite Episodes:

  1. Plant Proof  – Plant-Based Nutrition & Inspirational Stories – Apple & Spotify

As a qualified health expert, Simon Hill helps listeners understand the human body and how to adopt a plant-based diet. Once you take a listen, you can’t help but become mesmerized by his voice and all the information he’s sharing.

As I rode the subway I listened to his most recent podcast, “What does a Healthy Plant-Based Diet Look Like?” and learned so much and found it so engrossing, I nearly missed my stop. For example, Hill states that “When it comes to calorie density, it’s important to understand that high-fat whole foods will provide more energy calories for any given volume than other whole foods. The fact that fat is more calorie-dense isn’t something to fear but rather, something to be aware of to use to your advantage for your weight goal.”

It makes perfect sense as to why we love to eat avocados in the summer when we are racing around or even training for the marathon: they provide the natural energy we need to feel great. Little facts like these will have you becoming a guru on nutrition while incorporating mindful and healthier choices into your day to day life as much as possible.

Favorite Episodes:

  1. Nutrition Facts With Dr. Michael Greger – Spotify & Apple Podcasts 

Dr. Michael Greger is the author of How to Not Die and the host of his educational podcast featuring short informational clips on all things plant-based nutrition. Being a trusted and reliable host, you can guarantee that all of the nutritional facts you need from disease prevention to pregnancy facts to information of alcohol and soy related things, will be provided to you.

As you can see, there’s no shortage of supply on plant-based podcasts. There’s an abundance to choose from but these were just a few of our favorites. Make sure to give all of them a listen to gain new perspectives and inspire yourself to live a plant-based and healthy lifestyle!

Favorite Episodes:


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