There’s a joke amongst my vegan circle that going plant-based is easy, going butterless, not so much. Well, we might not be laughing for too much longer. This week, artisanal plant-based food company, Kite Hill, announced that they’re launching their own vegan butter alternative.

To the delight of epicureans everywhere, the new spread packs a luxurious, creamy texture and the rich, European-style flavor you expect from chichi butter, sans cows. Made from a combination of cultured almond milk along with sunflower and coconut oils, the creation of the product mimics that of traditional butter making. 

In addition to being the first vegan butter to hit the market using premium cultured almond milk, making it ideal for eating it plain on a baguette or slice of toast while still packing plenty of flavor, it also works well in your favorite baking and cooking recipes. And don’t get us started on how excited we are to slather it all over fresh corn on the cob, straight off the grill. The new European Style butter alternative will be available at Whole Foods and Target in August with a suggested retail price of $5.99 per eight-ounce tub.

Kite Hill Plant-Based Butter Alternative joins the company’s lineup of other fabulous vegan products including Greek yogurts, almond milk ricotta cheese, and dairy-free cheese-stuffed pastas.

Don’t judge us if our dinner for the entire month of August is a crusty french baguette with some of this rich, nuanced butter alternative.


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