Kevin Smith may be best-known for his films featuring the iconic characters Jay and Silent Bob, but it turns out that fans have been urging him to take another career path for a while: In a post on his Instagram, Smith revealed that fans have been heckling him to instead open the fictional fast-food joint from the movies, saying “You suck at movies, so open a Mooby's!” Well, he's doing just that by launching a pop-up restaurant in West Hollywood, CA, which will offer Mooby's Meals, complete with a vegan option of the legendary Lasagnawich, Hater Totz, and chocolate-covered pretzels. The actor has been entirely plant-based since 2018 and credits the diet with transforming his health for the better.

In light of the pandemic, the pop-up's opening date has been pushed back later this year, but LA-based fans can still get in on the fun now because Postmates will be delivering Mooby's Meals starting this Sunday, April 19th from 12 pm to 8 pm and running until the 25th of April. For the "toy surprise", Smith will be including signed Jay and Silent Bob Reboot cards alongside front-row tickets for the pop-up when it opens to the public later in the year.

The best part? By supporting this not-so-fictional restaurant, you'll also be doing good: All proceeds will be donated to No Us Without You, a charity providing meals to families of restaurant staff affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. To keep up with all things Mooby's, follow their Instagram account here for updates!

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