Kelly Ripa is an open book and shares most details of her life and family antics on-air every morning, but her diet is something she doesn't talk about too often, until now. Ripa, who is mostly plant-based, just wrote the forward to a new book by her long-time nutrition coach and chiropractor, Daryl Gioffre. Through Gioffre, we first discovered that Ripa follows a high-alkaline diet that is rich in vegetables, fruits, legumes, and includes very little animal product.

Now, Gioffre’s new book Get Off Your Sugar explains how to eat to kick a sugar habit, which is the one thing that Ripa had to work on in spite of being an otherwise healthy eater. The book's description on Amazon states: "When you break your sugar addiction, you cut out a major contributor to inflammation, brain fog, aging, and chronic disease. You’ll go from stress eating to strength eating" with this life-changing plan."

"With tips for customizing the plan, including using clean keto and intermittent fasting to tune up your metabolism, and sixty-five craving-stopping recipes, Get Off Your Sugar is your guide to turning your body into a strength-eating, energy-filled, acid-kicking machine."

Gioffre, who routinely tells followers about the evils of dairy, shares his mostly plant-based nutrition principles, which he explains, if you eat like Ripa, and espouse a mostly plant-based diet that is free of added sugar, will leave you feeling energized, strong, and looking every bit as youthful as the 50-year-old TV host, who’s been a longtime client of his.

Kelly Ripa's Diet Secrets from Her Nutrition Guru

Looking to nix your sugar cravings for good? Ripa, who penned the foreword, explains that Gioffre’s plan changed her life with the concept of “strength eating”—focusing on the foods to add to your diet versus what to eliminate—and she’s followed his Get Off Your Sugar program for a little over a year. For Ripa, “it’s doable, it’s delicious, and I’ve seen the proof that it works, too.”

Especially during this turbulent time amid the coronavirus pandemic, many of us have turned to food for comfort and perhaps lost sight of our typically healthy M.O. No more! With strength eating, Ripa found herself able to take the reins, and eat to fuel her health: “What really makes his approach so powerful is that he helps you get off—and stay off—the stress-eating roller coaster. When your strength eats every day, you’re better equipped to handle challenges that arise, whether that’s a global pandemic or something closer to home,” she says of the new plan.

What You Need to Know About The Get Off Sugar Program

On the diet, you can expect plenty of tasty foods that will flood your body with nutrition. Using the strength eating ethos, you’ll start out meal planning by zooming in on healthy-for-you foods you can add to your diet. Think: lots of greens (green juices, green smoothies, green soups, green salads); healthy fats like avocados and raw nuts, seeds, and oils. There’s also an emphasis on adding fiber-rich, slow-burning carbs at every meal like quinoa, wild rice, sweet potatoes, and butternut squash. Moderate protein intake from clean sources (hello, plant-based protein!) is also encouraged. By focusing on adding nutrient-packed, low-acid and low-sugar foods to your meals instead of fixating on “all the things you can’t have,” the diet proves more sustainable in the long-haul.

“The Get Off Your Sugar program is all about moving you from a stress-eating acidic diet to a strength eating lifestyle. When we break the sugar addiction, you cut out the major contributor to inflammation, brain fog, and chronic disease,” Gioffre shares with The Beet. “In this 21-day program to crush your cravings, I give you tips to customize the plan and fit it into your lifestyle, including using [a plant-based keto diet] and intermittent fasting to tune up your metabolism, and 65 craving-stopping recipes that taste so good you'll think you're cheating. If you are vegan, vegetarian, and plant-based, this is the plan that will turn your body into an energy-filled, acid-kicking machine.”

And, well, if dinner looks like these tantalizing zucchini noodles with dairy-free pesto, this is something we can definitely get behind.

Buy Get Off Your Sugar on Amazon here.  From green detox juices and avocado, kale, and pepita salads to vegan Tex Mex bowls and raw vegan brownies, we have a feeling these recipes are going to become go-to's in our households in the new year. Let’s get off our sugar, and get these on the dinner table ASAP.

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