Kate Nash, an English singer, songwriter and actress, took to Instagram this week to share the impetus behind her switching to a vegan diet three years ago. The "Foundations" singer reflected on making the plunge to fully plant-based in July of 2017 after watching Okja, a film directed by Academy Award winner Bong Joon-ho, while sitting next to her dog.

The movie tells the story of a girl living in the mountains of South Korea who is a caretaker and friend of a genetically-modified super pig. Okja, the pig, ends up getting shipped to the United States by a multinational company to take advantage of the unique animal by profiting off of him, and a rescue mission ensues. Previous to watching the film, Nash had been vegetarian for 11 years but felt that the movie pushed her to make the final leap in letting go of all animal products. Watching the film while sitting next to her dog made her reflect on the treatment of all animals, and relate the way she cared for her dog to the way she believed all living beings should be cared for.

In the post, Nash elaborated on her feelings after watching the movie's depiction of the exploitation of animals, saying, "I don't ever want to take from animals what I don't need. I've watched footage of animals being farmed, being beaten, screaming in fear from their lives and being torn away from their young. I admitted to myself that this was not ethical. I was scared about what my taste buds would miss and worried about how difficult it would be but it surprised me how easily I found it."

She then shared pictures of delicious-looking vegan food, proving that a lack of animal products doesn't equal a lack of deliciousness. Nash also encouraged her fans to give veganism a go, thanking the animal-advocacy organization PETA  for asking her to share her thoughts. For those thinking about giving the plant-based lifestyle a go, the film Okja, as well as documentaries shedding light on the health and environmental benefits of veganism, are available to stream on Netflix.

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