We Tried Purple Carrot Meal Delivery And It’s Delicious. Get $25 Your Order

|Updated Jul 3, 2020

Before you grab a bag of chips because there is "nothing to eat," consider ordering Purple Carrot vegan meal delivery so you can have a delicious meal in minutes, instead of filling up on empty calories by ordering takeout or snacking. As someone who isn't an advanced cook, Purple Carrot meal kits are the easiest and best quality food delivery I've tried. Watch the video below to see how we mastered the Vegan BBQ Burgers in less than ten minutes.

Ordering Purple Carrot is easier than calling an Uber

Ordering the Purple Carrot is seamless and inexpensive. Before you start adding meals to the cart, you have to sign up with your email and then choose your plan.

I picked the 2-serving plan so my friend Caitee and I could enjoy a BBQ dinner. The kit came complete with three recipes: Vegan BBQ Burgers, Ceaser Salad, and Harissa Tofu, all of which ended up being delicious and restaurant quality. The total amount I spent on my first box was around forty-five dollars, which is around the typical cost for an Uber ride after tip and taxes.

Before you checkout, use the code BEETPC25 to get $25 off your order

Purple Carrot saves you time

Purple Carrot is a plant-based delivery service that ships right to your doorstep. The packaged meals come in a large cardboard box with ingredients nestled in ice so the food is always fresh and easy to store in your freezer, fridge, or cooler because you can reuse the ice. Each ingredient is measured and proportioned, which helps save a lot of time, especially for someone who doesn't own measuring cups (me). I made the vegan BBQ burgers in under ten minutes and without Purple Carrot, a similar dish would have taken at least 30 minutes.

Purple Carrot uses the highest quality ingredients: Don't expect to slit open a corner of the plastic wrapping and run to the microwave to heat up a container of premade food. Purple Carrot sends you quality ingredients, the kind of brands you recognize in your local grocery stores like Chao Cheese and Lightlife plant-based meat products. I was familiar with these ingredients and knew exactly how they tasted before I made the burger, there was no taste test involved.

The food tastes delicious, and I want to order Purple Carrot again

Not only did the BBQ burgers taste so good, but we were also amazed at the creativity level because Purple Carrot provided toppings like Veganise, jalapeno peppers, two special sauces, tomato, onion, lettuce--an all American classic. For people who don't cook, speaking on behalf of myself and Caitee, following the instructions made us feel like we had learned the recipe so well we could consider ourselves "master chefs."

When the burgers were finished, we devoured them while sipping on a glass of red wine to celebrate a successful experience in the kitchen. Luckily, we saved the Harissa tofu and Cesar Salad for later in the week so we could treat ourselves to another wine and dine. So the final question is: Is Purple Carrot meal delivery worth it? We say yes! Order your own box of fresh plant-based food from Purple Carrot here. Want $25 off? Use code: BEETPC25