During the holiday season, there's no better comfort food to tuck into at a gathering than a heaping snack board to accompany a glass of wine or cider. Traditionally, these boards tend to rely heavily on meat and cheeses and aren’t an option for plant-based eaters besides a few errant bunches of grapes, but a new cookbook, Vegan Boards, is here to change that. The book, authored by Kate Kasbee, blogger of the vegan cooking site Well Vegan, shows step-by-step directions for over 50 different plant-based snack boards, just in time for the holidays.

Kasbee’s new cookbook contains all kinds of exciting plant-based variations of the typical “meat and cheese” board. Instead, she offers step by step instructions for plant-based boards for every meal. There’s a  Sweet & Savory Toast Board, Date Night Vegan Cheese Board, Rainbow Chopped Salad Board, Mediterranean Grazing Board, and even a Post-Workout Lunch Board!

On one of her earlier recipes for a Vegan Charticture Board, Kasbee explains the popularity of the “meat-free” charcuterie board: “Now, before you jump down my throat and remind me that the French word ‘charcutier’ literally translates to “pork butcher” in English, let me explain. While cured meats are traditionally the focal point of a charcuterie board, they certainly don’t have to be. In fact, vegetarian and vegan charcuterie are popping up in plant-based restaurants all across the country. And you know what I say to that? I say, “yes.” With enthusiasm! Appetizers can be just as romantic and sexy as chocolate, and they pair just as nicely with wine.”
Thanks to the picture-worthy plant-based spreads in Kasbee’s new book, you’ll be able to delight your holiday guests and your Instagram followers this holiday season. The best part about plant-based snack boards is how easy they are to customize with any of your favorite plant-based cheeses, fruits, and nuts. Make your own with any of our favorite dairy-free artisanal cheeses, but make sure you take a picture before your hungry holiday guests devour your creation!

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