If you are concerned about the safety of your food supply chain, the ethical treatment of animals, and the ability of plant-based businesses to compete fairly, there is a new digital TV show for you. 

Laws That Matter—which airs Wednesdays on the Jane UnChained News Network (and is archived on the Laws That Matter YouTube channel)—is aimed at consumers and business owners, activists, and advocates, and breaks down important laws related to the plant-based industry. No matter if you are vegan, plant-based, veg-curious or have no specific affiliation at all, this show is for everyone and provides critical insights into important laws, legislation, and policy impacting our food supply, all while making viewers into more educated and informed consumers. 

The show is hosted by Carissa Kranz, a private practice vegan attorney based in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, who is also the founder of BeVeg International, a global vegan certification. BeVeg, the only vegan symbol issued by a law-firm, makes it easy for people to identify products and establishments that are legitimately vegan. Laws That Matter has just launched and is already making waves as Kranz continues to challenge the status quo.



“The mission of the show is to have a meaningful dialogue,” says Kranz. “We are supposed to have equal protection under the law; laws are intended to protect all beings, not just human beings. Through educated activism and engagement, laws will be defined and redefined until they are reflective of our intended legal system—justice and equality for all.” Kranz herself is no stranger to activism, advocacy and compassion. A lifelong vegan, animal advocate and former prosecutor, she’s currently a private practice attorney and founder of BeVeg International, a global vegan certification. BeVeg—the only law firm issued vegan symbol—makes it easy for individuals to identify products and establishments that align with vegan values.

When a meat processing plant is forced open, what laws come into play?

On her very first episode, Kranz covered the Trump administration's orders that meat plants stay open the rights of workers who didn't feel safe returning due to the high numbers of COVID-19 cases that have taken place in these industrial sites. The deregulation has allowed for "speed" slaughter, which also puts animals in jeopardy of excessive suffering and the food supply in danger of foul conditions and tainted meat, and Kranz covered it all.
Besides the most pressing news and topics of the day, the Laws That Matters show dives into vegan labeling laws; parenting rights (as in you want your kid to eat vegan, your ex doesn't); whether meat and dairy should carry government-issued label warnings; government bailouts for animal agriculture; laws that silence whistleblowers in meat processing plants, and more.
“The law is a highly underutilized tool in the animal protection movement,” says John Oberg, a long-time animal rights advocate and public speaker who has dedicated his career to reform and pushing the bounds of animal equality. “To affect change, we must be vigilant and savvy, and make use of every tool we have in our toolbox. The insight and value that Carissa brings to the table in this regard really can't be overstated and I'm thrilled for her to share her experience and expertise with us all on Laws That Matter."
As we navigate through the pandemic, now more than ever all eyes are on the animal-human relationship. This is one of the reasons the show comes at a critical time; our animal-food supply system is in dire need of reform and we need to fundamentally alter the power structures of the world—laws are a critical piece of accomplishing this.

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