I’ve officially made it across the finish line of my month-long vegan elimination diet inspired by the Whole30. Throughout the last four weeks, I’ve kept a diary on The Beet detailing my progress. I shared my motivations for challenging myself to a plant-based Whole30 and insight into exactly what delicious meals I’ve been eating.

A Month of Whole30, But Make it Vegan

As a recap, during the last month, I haven’t consumed any added sugars, no alcohol, no grains or pseudo-cereals including corn and quinoa, or most legumes (except for green peas and beans). As a vegan, I was a bit concerned about my protein intake as I usually rely on lentils, chickpeas, tofu, and quinoa. However, I felt fully energized for the entire month of September and found the green peas and beans to be sufficient energy for me.

Looking back on the last 30 days, I can confidently say that while following the elimination regime I slept better and woke up less groggy. I went for long walks or practice yoga most days and felt steady energy throughout the day. I don’t typically weigh myself, and the program recommends staying off the scale, but I’ve noticeably lost a few pounds—especially in my midsection.

The Final Verdict on Whole30 as a Vegan

As I expected, I rarely felt bloated while following the Whole30 eating principles. Many of the foods that aren’t allowed are inflammatory. I also reaped the benefit of having clearer skin. I still had to cope with hormonal acne, but for the majority of the month, my skin looked better than ever with very few pimples.

I enjoyed the vegan Whole30 so much that I plan to continue to follow most of the regulations when I’m cooking a home. The only thing I plan to incorporate at home is the occasional glass of wine or bite of vegan-friendly and sugar-free dark chocolate. When I go out to eat, I'll continue to avoid corn, gluten, peanuts, and soy.

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