A doctor friend who is an orthopaedist at the Hopsital for Special Surgery in New York City, Dr. Jordan Metzl, is an author, life coach and something of a personal guru to his patients and friends. He also runs regular kick-ass "Iron Strength" workouts in Central Park and on the Intrepid, and all over the city, to help his patients, who are mostly endurance athletes, triathletes, and former college or high school athletes, stay fit, active and uninjured.

Today instead of sending out a workout or giving you more physical to-do's to stay healthy in the time of COVID-19 Dr. Metzl writes:

Dear Friends,
As the world becomes increasingly tumultuous, it's easy to feel like we're losing control. In many aspects of our lives, the list of things we can't control seems to be growing and the things we can control seem to be shrinking. It's essential to do everything we can to maximize our physical and emotional health. We need to keep our sense of optimism. Here are some helpful tips:
1) Take time each week to connect with people who are important in your life
2) Practice an act of kindness
3) Keep yourself moving every day - a walk, run, yoga or a bike ride
I send you all the best wishes for health in the weeks ahead.
With very best wishes,
Dr. Jordan Metzl
That struck me as true and healthful advice, the kind worth sharing on a Monday as we set our intentions and healthy living priorities for the week ahead.
I would add: Eat a mostly plant-based diet that is kind to your body, your health and the planet (and animals), since studies have shown that eating a diet high in fiber and rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and nuts and seeds is the best way to lower your risk of the common diseases: Heart disease, type 2 diabetes, cancer, and chronic inflammation–which itself is a co-factor in many other ailments–and lower your intake of red meat and dairy, which have been linked to all of the above. Have a great week.
Stay healthy!
From Lucy and the Editors at The Beet

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