The dairy-free yogurt section of your supermarket should be looking pretty robust these days: There are offerings from a growing number of vegan yogurt makers, and mainstream dairy-based yogurt brands like Chobani and Siggi’s are getting in on the action, too. Just like with dairy-free milk, consumers have nondairy yogurt options ranging from almond and cashew to oat, soy, or coconut. Now, popular coconut water brand Harmless Harvest is bringing its version of coconut yogurt to a cooler shelf near you.

The company says the line expansion is helping it to reduce waste and carry on its “harmless” ethos.

"With this new product line, Harmless Harvest will use the entire coconut for both its water and yogurt alternative, further living its brand promise to always consider its impact from seed to shelf,"  Ben Mand, CEO, Harmless Harvest said in a statement. "For more than a decade, Harmless Harvest has sourced coconuts from farms in Thailand. It's a work in progress, but we're consistently striving to do less harm and more good in everything we do."

Harmless Harvest is getting into the dairy-free yogurt game
Harmless Harvest is getting into the dairy-free yogurt game

Natural Coconut Water, Natural Yogurt

According to Harmless Harvest, the new yogurt offering is made from the same coconuts it extracts water from and doesn’t use any gums or thickeners.

"Harmless Harvest's Dairy-Free Yogurt Alternative line brings delicious flavor to the dairy-free yogurt aisle," said Heather Cutter, senior vice president of brand, innovation and marketing at Harmless Harvest. "We recognized an opportunity to give plant-based yogurts a makeover by re-imagining the taste, texture, and recipe development of a beloved household staple that can be loved by both dairy and non-dairy consumers. It's an innovative addition to the plant-based yogurt category."

The new coconut yogurts come in four flavors: Plain, Strawberry, Vanilla, and Blueberry. The company is also launching drinkable yogurts in three flavors: Strawberry, Mango, and Unsweetened. Harmless Harvest coconut yogurts are being stocked at Whole Foods Markets nationwide.

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