9 Female-Founded Vegan Brands to Support on International Women’s Day

|Updated Mar 10, 2022

March 8th marks International Women's Day, and the month of March is Women's History Month, an opportunity to recognize the achievements of women in every arena, including the accomplishments of female entrepreneurs who are succeeding in the plant-based space.

Many of the brands run or founded by women are names you probably already know, but Women's History Month provides one more reason to support them now and in the future. After all, voting with your dollar is one of the easiest ways to affect change, and it's always great to see female-led businesses succeed – and help grow the plant-based industry.

Here are vegan or plant-based companies founded and run by women to shop for today.

1. Wildwonder, Rosa Li

Founder Rosa Li was inspired by the tonics her Chinese grandmother made growing up and founded wildwonder to bring these herbal elixirs to customers nationwide, reimagining her family recipes with superfood ingredients and gorgeous packaging. Wildwonder's flavors are just as delicious as they sound, from Guava Rose to Peach Ginger to Pear Turmeric, both your palette and your gut will love these drinks.

Another reason to feel good about drinking wildwonder? Five percent of profits go towards helping women and marginalized communities.

2. Miyoko's Creamery, Miyoko Schinner

If you're a fan of vegan cheese, you're likely a fan of Miyoko's Creamery, founded by Miyoko Schinner, the brand is one of the first and leading dairy-free brands on the market. Born from a love of animals, Schinner's butter, cheese, and artisan products provide incredible alternatives for those who want to avoid dairy, for health, environmental, and ethical reasons.

Schinner founded Racho Compasión, a sanctuary that provides a lifelong home for rescued animals, to help change the perception of animals that many view as food.

3. GimMe Snacks, Annie Chun

Founded by Annie Chun and her husband Steve Broad, GimMe snacks aims to deliver some of the highest quality seaweed products on the market. Whether you're looking for snack-sized nori or sheets to make the perfect sushi roll, GimMe has got USDA Certified Organic, non-GMO snacks for you.

The founders have also created Healthy Kids, a program that donates healthy foods to local food banks and lunch programs in pursuit of better childhood nutrition.

4. Lagusta's Luscious, Lagusta Yearwood

Lagusta Yearwood founded Lagusta's Luscious, an all-vegan artisanal chocolate shop in New Paltz, NY, in 2003, and since has been leading the industry in inventive, gourmet creations that almost look too good to eat. In the company's own words, Lagusta's Luscious "combines a deep commitment to social justice, environmentalism, and veganism with a love of bold flavor and an obsessive commitment to artisan techniques."

If you're not near New Paltz, where the chocolate shop is based, or in Manhattan, where Confectionary!, a joint project between Lagusta's and Sweet Maresa's, lives, you can order treats on the brand's website for nationwide delivery. Lagusta's products are all packaged in post-recycled consumer materials.

5. Three Girls Vegan Creamery, Sisters Traci, Kristi, and Brittany

Three Girls Vegan Creamery was founded by sisters Traci, Kristi, and Brittany after their mom Theresa was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer and they decided to make a shift to plant-based eating for her health. The inspiring trio behind the Connecticut-based creamery transforms pizza, pastas, cold cuts, and desserts into all-vegan recipes.

If you can't stop by the Guilford location, Three Girls also ships nationwide with a minimum order total of $60. Grab some of their artisan cheeses for your next dinner party's charcuterie board, or preorder their Easter Butter Cookie Box for springtime celebrations.

6. Nutpods, Madeline Haydon

Nutpods founder Madeline Hayton was pushed to create a better dairy-free creamer while she was frustrated with her options at a local diner. After a year of recipe testing, Haydon finally perfected the recipe and raised $32,000 via Kickstarter to launch her brand. Hayton went on to win EY's Entrepreneurship of the Year award in 2019, and Nutpods have become one of America's go-to dairy-free creamers.

Now, you can find Nutpods in stores across the country, and choose from a wide range of flavors including Cinnamon Swirl, Hazelnut, and Cookie Butter.

7. Maya's Cookies, Maya Madsen

Founded in 2015 after Maya Madsen struggled to find delicious vegan baked goods, Maya's Cookies is "America's #1 Black-Owned Gourmet Vegan Cookie Company." Beyond dairy-free baked goods, Maya's Cookies also offers wheat-free selections for customers with stricter dietary restrictions.

You can find Maya's Cookies at its San Diego brick and mortar store, or purchase from the brand's website, which offers nationwide shipping.

8. Deux, Sabeena Ladha

Deux's vegan and gluten-free good-for-you cookie doughs target different health needs, such as Immune Support, Collagen Support, Protein, Stress Relief, and Mood Boost. Founded by Sabeena Ladha in an effort to revolutionize nutrition by offering a delicious yet healthy dessert, you can eat Deux dough 'raw' or spoon it onto a baking sheet, all while reaping the incredible health benefits of this treat.

You may recognize Ladha from Shark Tank, where she pitched her product and left without an investment. It seems to have been a blessing in disguise, as Deux is now making a name for itself, available on Whole Foods Markets shelves across the country.

You can purchase the cookie doughs online on the brand's website.

9. Wholier, Lisa Gonzalez-Turner

Wholier was founded by Lisa Gonzalez-Turner, a vegan entrepreneur who could never find a multivitamin that fit her needs – so she created one. Vitamins are supposed to be good for you, but many of them are full of synthetic ingredients that are anything but healthy, she says. And it can be hard for vegans to get a formula that is truly free of animal products.

"Most vitamin D3 on the market is made from sheep's wool," she says, so she decided to create a formula using all plant-based ingredients. Gonzalez-Turner launched the company in 2017 in Brooklyn, NY and it is growing by leaps and bounds. She finally had to hire her first (and then second) employee, a sign that the world is looking for clean vitamins they can trust.

You can purchase Wholier vitamins on the Wholier website.

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