Not everyone wants to change the world by improving gut health. Caroline Beckman is one such crusader. She has worked at holistic health companies and most recently launched her own brand of probiotics, Nouri Life, that is changing the world, one happy gut at a time.

Perhaps the most unique aspect of Nouri is not what's in it. It's what's outside of it. Caroline had the brilliant idea to create a capsule within a capsule so that while the outer one dissolves first in the stomach, releasing plant-based Omega oils, while the second inner capsule opens next. So these capsules work like Russian nesting dolls, the outer one opening first to reveal the inner one. That inside capsule doesn't get accessed until it reaches the intestines. That's where it can skip all the inhospitable stomach acid and hatch open to spill its probiotic goodness into the place you need it most: The microbiome.

Beckman's Linked-in says that her passion "lies in transforming imagination into action throughout the consumer product industry." She believes in doing so "by means of disruptive technologies," in order to provide a holistic health option to the modern customer. Nouri health, her latest innovation, does just that.

Nouri is sold at Whole Foods, but supply is limited as you can imagine, so the easiest place to get your hands on some of these effective probiotics is from Nouri Life's website. 

Nouri's unique formula delivers plant-based omegas and probiotics all in one capsule

Nouri has created a unique fone-two formula, which according to Beckman, is the only product on the market to deliver probiotics and plant-based omega oil in one capsule, so your body receives double benefits with just one daily effort by you. This way your body gets the daily support it needs for digestive and immune health along with the plant-based omega fatty acids to support your body and brain.

Plant-based omega oil means no fish were sacrificed in the making of this pill

Omegas usually come from fish oil, and in many cases, sardines are the ones who give it up for the cause. "Increased commercial demand for fish oil has contributed to the long-range decline of sardine fisheries," Nouri's website explains. "Harvesting and consuming the oil in one acre of Ahiflower saves the lives of over 40,000 sardines or wild forage fish that would have otherwise been killed in the production of fish oil." So Nouri is vegan friendly.

Beckman was a 25-year-old home-schooled college drop-out when she launched Nouri, and her previous job as a VP of Operations at Suja Juice, then one of the fastest-growing beverage brands, convinced her of the critical importance gut health on the entire body, from our mental health to our energy levels and propensity for burnout.

Nouri was launched in the wake of that burnout. Beckman teamed up with a leading doctor in probiotics and gut health to help create a product that would actually get to the gut where it can do its good.

The expert on Nouri's team is Dr. David Keller, the company's research lead, a former VP of Scientific Operations at Ganeden. the probiotics company based in Canada. Dr. Keller has published 27 papers related to his research in probiotics.

A lifetime of learning goes into creating the perfect probiotic

Beckman dropped out of university to pursue further health research. She found an investor Peter Thiel and got Nouri's first consumer product line delivered, which she describes as a clinically-supported proprietary probiotic blend, encapsulated within plant-based omegas from Ahiflower oil.

Other probiotics don't disclose all their ingredients, Beckman says, where are the Nouri difference is that it not only is transparent but that clinical studies back up the efficacy of plant-based omega Ahiflower oil for building immunity and supporting overall gut health.

"Nouri  is the only product on the market to deliver probiotics and  plant-based omega oil  in one capsule, so your body receives double benefits with just one daily effort by you. Targeted probiotics give your body the daily support it needs for digestive and immune health while plant-based omega fatty acids support your body and brain."

And as everyone knows: Happy gut, happy life. For more on Nouri Life, visit the website.

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