In the understatement of the millennium thus far, it’s been a tough few months. Between the coronavirus pandemic and increasing civil unrest, we’re all some combination of apprehensive, frazzled, enervated, and burning at both ends.

Perhaps one of the best ways to find balance and restore a sense of inner calm right now is also the simplest: Focusing on your breath. But meditating can be an intimidating practice to start on your own, especially if its acceptance in your community isn’t widespread.

To that end, Colombian singing sensation José Balvin is joining forces with author and alternative medicine advocate Deepak Chopra to launch a 21-day meditation series. “Meditation saved my life,” J Balvin said on the landing page for their program, and the hope is that the daily practice will change the lives of all who participate, too. 

"The world is offering us a reset and J Balvin is the perfect partner to help us reach a critical mass of expanded global awareness," said Deepak Chopra of the partnership in a company press release. "Together we will set the stage for a more peaceful, inclusive, just, sustainable, healthy and joyful world for all. I am indebted to Jose and our Spanish speaking community for this collaboration."

Chopra also took to Instagram to share news of the exciting collaboration. “I’m so happy to announce @chopra's new, free guided meditation series, ‘Renew Yourself: Body, Mind & Spirit.’ I’ve invited a very special guest and friend to join me: International superstar and Latin Grammy Award-winning artist, @JBalvin,” Deepak Chopra announced in a recent Instagram post. “We’re coming together to offer the benefits of meditation in both English and Spanish.”

J Balvin posted on Instagram as well to share a similar message with some 41.5 million fans. You can sign up for the free program at

If you’d like to try a meditation track out before enrolling in the program, sample tracks—which run about 17-minutes long—are available to trial in both English and Spanish on the website, centering on the topic of “reconnecting with your body.” The 21-day program will be released in daily installments and each meditation session runs about 20-minutes in length, commencing with brief commentary from Balvin before the guided meditation begins.

Sorry Headspace, we guess we’ll be cheating on you with this eye-opening program for the next 21 days.

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