Sure, we love actor and director Kevin Smith’s movies Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Dogma, and Clerks 2. But what we really loved about those flicks is Mooby’s, the fictional fast food joint that tugs at our heart-and-humor strings just so. Thanks to a recent pop-up initiative, fans have had a chance to gobble up some of the film-infused fun—with a menu packed full of tantalizing vegan options.

In July, we reported that Smith had opened a Mooby’s pop-up in Los Angeles, and now we’re pleased to learn that the operation is headed to the Windy City. After a run in Red Bank, New Jersey, where Smith was born, the pop-up’s next location is Chicago, as @moobyspopup recently shared on social media.

So far, it’s been revealed that there will be a drive-in experience in the Chicago suburb of McHenry with NiteLite Promotions Inc at McHenry Outdoor Theater at 6 p.m. Billed as “Jay and Silent Bob Get Old,” the event will be a live, in-person podcast performance by Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes (“Jay” of the titular duo) with all audio streamed via an FM transmitter. You can buy your tickets here (from $100 for up to four people in a vehicle).

Meanwhile, dates for the pop-up fast food joint have yet to be announced but you can sign up for the mailing list here for updates. Based on previous menus’ inclusion of standout plant-based grub like a messy vegan lasagna sandwich and a Beyond Burger Cow Tipper sandwich with vegan Mooby’s sauce, we’re guessing this one will be similarly stellar on the vegan front. And we sure hope to wash dinner down with a Mooby’s beer, or a spiked Capri Sun pouch.

Here’s to hoping the Mooby’s pop-up continues to delight and bring joy to Jay and Silent Bob fans across the country. ‘Til then, you can order your vegan Mooby’s fix online at Goodbelly’s here for $79. With everything you need for six Beyond Meat Cow Tippers and vegan chocolate covered pretzels for dessert, just add your comfiest couch and ‘cue up the Smith flicks for the grooviest, Mooby’s-est, movie night.

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