Canada Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that the Canadian government is investing nearly $100 million in plant-based protein. The funds will go to Merit Functional Foods, a Winnipeg-based company focused on making high-quality plant-based protein from Canadian-sourced peas and canola.

“As people around the world start eating more plant-based products, we have an opportunity to bring together Canadian innovation and Canadian crops, and a chance to create good, well-paying jobs,” Trudeau explains in a press conference announcing the investment. He added that the Merit Functional Foods’ facility will be a world leader in plant-based protein innovation and help create good jobs in a fast-growing field.

Canada Bets Big on Plant-Based

The Canadian government has already invested in the vegan-friendly food sector under Trudeau; focusing on plant-based protein is taking their commitment and confidence in the space a step further. “We’ve already invested in this space…supporting thousands of jobs. But this industry is growing fast, so we are not stopping there,” said Trudeau. Canada previously created a $950 million Supercluster Initiative that is meant to fund innovation in the food and manufacturing sector. Earlier this year, a segment of that fund was dedicated to Canada’s innovations in plant-based foods.

Trudeau emphasized the trickle-down effect of plant-based protein development on farmers and the economy. “By using 100 percent Canadian input it will also support farmers who produce the canola and yellow peas used in Merit’s products,” he added. “Standing up for hard-working farmers, creating good jobs, setting up Canada for success on the world stage. These are things that our government will always get behind.”

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