More than 300 U.S. supermarkets are about to start stocking plant-based meat from Before the Butcher, under the company's label Uncut.

The California-based brand says its meat-free burgers and sausages, marketed under the Uncut label, are headed to Albertsons, Vons, and Pavilions supermarkets.

“Our retail footprint is expanding rapidly because retailers recognize the value of offering a plant-based meat brand with four different choices to suit different consumer tastes and provide menu variety,” Before the Butcher president and founder, Danny O’Malley said in a statement. “We expect to double retail distribution again over the next few months.”

The New York Times recently ranked UNCUT products as the "meatiest" out of six plant-based burgers in a group taste test, beating out both the Beyond Burger and the Impossible Burger, the two leaders in the space.

The Uncut brand includes a beef-like burger as well as vegan chicken and turkey burgers, and a meatless sausage. The company says its meatless meats are made from a proprietary blend of GMO-free soy, coconut oil, canola oil, and natural seasoning.

"Each serving contains 6 to 21 grams of plant protein, has significantly less sodium than other meatless burgers at just 210-350 mg, and delivers the meaty flavor, chew and bite that have made the animal versions a staple of the American diet," the company noted.

Before the Butcher also supplies foodservice companies with bulk vegan ground beef, chorizo, a plant-based pulled pork, sausage, chicken, beef strips, and burgers.

You can find Before the Butcher's Uncut products using their retail locator here. While their products are only available in retailers in the Southern California region currently, they're headed to Albertsons, Vons, and Pavilions supermarkets over the country in the next few months.


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