Earlier this month, actor Kat Dennings quipped, “I’m definitely going plant-based starting tomorrow. Except for butter. But other than that.” We hear that. A swipe of butter on a fresh French baguette is hard to beat.

Until now...may we suggest Califia Farms' plant butter, which spreads, melts, bakes, and tastes so similar to the real deal, you’ll be over the moon. The butter-like, cultured spread is now widely available at Whole Foods and Kroger, as well as select Targets, and if you’re yet to try it yet, we assure you it’s going to be your bagel and bread’s new BFF. The plant butter comes in two versions, Plant Butter Sea Salt with Olive Oil, and Plant Butter Sea Salt with Avocado Oil, and each is made of cashews and tiger nuts, along with nutritional yeast for depth of flavor. FYI: Califia Farms also makes plant-based non-dairy milk, creamers, yogurt, cold brew coffee, and more.

With a suggested retail price of $4.99 for eight ounces ( it’s at Target for $4.79, penny pinchers), we also love that these spreads contain no canola or palm oils, soy, GMOs, trans fats, or lactose. While the two spreads launched earlier this year, the expanded national distribution is helping transform toast for the plant-based set one breakfast at a time. Somebody messenger over a tub to Kat Dennings stat.
And if you’re feeling generous, throw in some Vanilla Protein Oat milk and send some buttery goodness our way, too. We wish we could say we’d share, but it’s just that good, folks.

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