Once upon a time, not very long ago, the yogurt aisle had no vegan alternatives to the dairy-based staple. Now? We’re happy to report there’s no shortage of options in the non-dairy yogurt department. (Last fall, we even did the oh-so-difficult grunt work for you and taste-tested 12 of them so you’d know which are worth it.

But perhaps none are as creamy or as decadent as those from The Collaborative, our new favorite in the premium plant-based yogurt category. Amidst the coronavirus pandemic, the UK-based company caught our eye by donating $15,000 worth of product to the healthcare workers in the Bay Area.

Now, the coconut-based yogurt brand is sharing some good news with its hungry fans: Earlier this month, the company announced a $7 million Series A investment from PowerPlant Ventures (their previous investments include Beyond Meat, Thrive Market, and Rebbl, to name a few) and that they’re tripling their current lineup of offerings.

"At PowerPlant we are constantly on the lookout for plant-based food brands that are providing an answer to consumer demands and challenging the status quo—The Collaborative is doing that as a remarkable brand with a breadth of premium products that combine wholesome goodness, great taste which is equivalent to or better than dairy alternatives, low sugar, and better-for-you ingredients," said Mark Rampolla, co-founder and partner of PowerPlant Ventures in a press release announcing the new investment.

As with the rest of The Collaborative’s products, the releases, slated to hit grocery shelves in June and July of this year, will be low in sugar, non-GMO, gluten-free, and, of course, plant-based. In addition to making delectable products, we also love that The Collaborative is sustainability-minded, partnering with the Pur Project to give back and plant thousands of coconut trees in Asia.

First up, they’ll be updating their existing line of plant-based yogurts with new sizes—4.2oz, 7oz, and 12.3oz multi-serve—available in Plain, Vanilla, Alphonso Mango & Passionfruit, and Blueberry & Rosemary varieties. Then, they’ll also be launching a slew of desserts including Vanilla Rice Pudding, Double Chocolate Mousse, and Chocolate Pudding.

Bonus: To help you get your non-dairy yogurt fix faster, the brand will be launching on Amazon’s grocery delivery service, Amazon Fresh, this May. If that’s not news worth going (coco)nuts for, we don’t know what is.

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