Brooklyn Borough President and vegan Eric Adams has announced that he will be partnering with Hip Hop Is Green to launch a Brooklyn Healthy Rap Battle. The battle will challenge participants ages 12-18 years old to channel their passion for healthy eating and wellness into creative lyrics aimed to inspire others to join the movement. The finale will be held at Brooklyn Borough Hall on May 7th and the event will be partnering with plant-based companies including Miyoko's, Quorn, and Good Catch.

Building Healthy Communities

Hip Hop Is Green bills itself as "The first plant-based Hip Hop health and wellness organization in the world," with chapters across the nation. Their aim is to "support holistic health and the transformation of urban communities."

“Hip-hop is a language that has the power to communicate transformational messages, and few messages could be more powerful than taking control of our bodies and how we fuel them,” said Borough President Adams in a press release for the event. “[Hip Hop is Green] is a great tag-team partner for this innovative rap battle competition that harnesses the best of hip-hop’s potential. I’m excited to see what our young rappers and scribes will come up with, and the minds they will inspire with their rhymes.”

Hopefuls can register here for the competition until March 16th and post video submissions to Facebook and Instagram under the hashtags #hiphopisgreen and #healthybrooklyn. Preliminary rounds will lead up to the finale on May 7th, where the winners will be selected by plant-based judges in the music industry including Styles P, TK the Artist, Stic of the duo Dead Prez, Sa Roc the MC and SupaNova Slom. The winners will receive recording studio time in hopes of spreading their talent to larger audiences amongst a range of other prizes.

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