Do the dropping temperatures make you want to cozy up and cuddle with a warm cup of broth? Want the highly touted benefits of bone broth without the bone? Thanks to some innovative companies committed to health and sustainability such as Beyond Broth and OM Mushrooms Superfood, you can have your broth and eat it too, so to speak.

OM Mushrooms Superfood creates its broths from mushroom superfoods such as shitake, lion’s mane, reishi, turkey tail (which is a mushroom), and cordyceps. The brand has two vegan varieties – a mighty mushroom blend, which is simple and earthy, and a miso variety, which has the savory satisfying flavor of the Japanese staple. Both are warm, nourishing, and sustaining with 7 grams of added clean protein sourced from pea protein. OM Mushrooms Superfood broths are unique in that they all leverage the natural umami flavor of organic nutritional mushrooms, which are fabulous in savory applications. They are designed to offer a great consumption experience and broad health benefits led by immune health.

Vegan Broth Helps Boost Immunity During Colder Months

Multiple studies link gut health to immunity: According to a review from the International Journal Of Molecular Sciences on the health-promoting benefits of edible mushrooms on gut health, the gut microbiota contributes to gut immunomodulation in tandem with both the innate and adaptive immune systems. “The important sources of prebiotics in mushrooms are non-digestible mushroom polysaccharides which can inhibit pathogen proliferation by enhancing the growth of probiotic bacteria in the gut.”

By adding a variety of mushrooms to the mix, a veggie broth can have the same gut healing properties that many bone broths claim to have. Mushrooms are loaded with selenium, Vitamin D, B vitamins, iron, and zinc, all key nutrients for boosting immune health and whether you use a packaged mix or make your own broth, these powerful fungi are a key component in nutrient-dense broths.

In addition, seaweed and turmeric can also contribute to stomach lining health and digestive tract, both of which easily can be added to your homemade broths. Aloe vera and fermented foods will also help heal the lining of the gut and adding them into your diet can help you steer clear of the collagen and animal products in traditional meat-based bone broths.

Personally, I love to pour my veggie broth late morning and sip on it as I would tea throughout the day. You can also have a cup as a sustaining snack or you can use the powdered mixes in recipes to create a more savory nutritional meal. Try this satisfying recipe for creamy mushroom cauliflower soup with OM’s Mighty Mushroom Broth. I love to make my own broth to warm my home with the scents of nourishment using a recipe from Wallflower Kitchen loaded with veggie goodness.

Broths are a great way to feel healthy and strong all year long, and these vegan alternatives to bone broth pack all the taste and health benefits of the real thing.

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