Billie Eilish is taking the climate crisis into her own hands. The vegan superstar just announced she will be hosting the 'Overheated' Climate Action Conference in London next month. The six-day climate event will discuss how the world can help tackle the problems negatively impacting the environment and how the music, fashion, and food industries can change to protect the planet. Eilish will be joined by Support + Feed – her mother Maggie Baird’s nonprofit – and the environmental organization Reverb.

The Overheated climate conference will occur on six non-consecutive days including June 10, 11, 12, 16, 25, and 26 at the O2 arena in the midst of Eilish's Happier Than Ever world tour. The event will also feature several high-profile guests including Eilish’s brother and music producer Finneas, musician Yungblud, and fashion designer Dame Vivienne Westwood, as well as performances by Sigrid and Love Ssega.

The performances will be accompanied by panels and speeches that will highlight how several major industries are responsible for heavily contributing to climate change. Other speakers and performers include climate activist Tori Tsui, fashion entrepreneur Samata Pattinson, Glastonbury festival organizer Emily Eavis, and Baird.

“We are thrilled to be in London and to have this opportunity to connect and discuss different ways we can take action to mitigate the climate crisis,” Baird said in a press release.

The Overheated conference – named aptly after one of Eilish’s top hits – will also feature a documentary by the same name. The event will showcase how consumers, musicians, fashion moguls, and food executives can make a clear difference, promoting the mission that both Support + Feed and Reverb have been working towards during Eilish’s tour.

“Building upon our sustainability work on Billie’s world tour, and engaging fans at her shows to take climate action, we’re excited to empower even more people to take significant climate action and engage the music industry to do more through Overheated,” Co-Founder of Reverb Adam Gardner Said.

Eilish's Sustainable Happier Than Ever World Tour

The London-based climate event will coincide with Eilish’s current Happier Than Ever world tour, which distinguishes itself from other tours for its environmental and plant-based activism. Partnering with Reverb, Support + Feed, and vegan brand Wicked Kitchen, Eilish’s tour aims to promote plant-based, sustainable, and healthy eating at every concert destination. The tour coalition is asking people to take “THE PLEDGE” – a promise to eat plant-based at least once a day for 30 days.

Reverb is also hosting an Eco-Village at Eilish’s concerts, comprised of four local non-profits as well as Support + Feed installations to provide education, information, and tips for plant-based and sustainable eating. Concertgoers will get a chance to be more involved in their communities while the Eco-Village gives these non-profits a platform to promote their missions.

Eilish’s world tour and the upcoming Overheated conference represent just the two latest reasons why the 20-year-old singer deserves PETA’s 2021 Person of the Year award. From persuading fashion design house Oscar de la Renta to ditch fur to releasing her own vegan Nikes, Eilish is attempting to pressure every industry to adopt plant-based, sustainable practices. And now, she is continuing to use her platform to help people make a difference to stop climate change.

UN Calls For Action on Climate Crisis

The Overheated climate conference closely follows the UN’s most recent call to action regarding the climate crisis. The UN released its third installment of the IPCC report, claiming that while the situation is dire, the world can still stop the worsening climate crisis. The report highlights that a plant-based food system will be a major key to curbing the rising greenhouse gas levels. The world must slash methane emissions by 33 percent by 2030 to slow climate change.

Eilish and her guests will highlight how changing the current food system – particularly by minimizing meat and dairy production – could help halt climate change. Wealthy counties have the ability to successfully change the food production standard in time to make a significant change. The University of Bonn Germany released a report that asserted how the United States and European Union must reduce meat consumption by 75 percent to effectively stop climate change, noting that with immediate action, the climate crisis is reversible.

Tickets to the Overheated conference can be purchased on the website here.

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