Kombucha is a polarizing drink: its tangy, vinegary taste and explosive bubbliness may be overwhelming for some, but others like me find it irresistibly delicious. If you want to enjoy the numerous health benefits of the ancient drink, which is rich in probiotics, antioxidants and even shown to prevent the growth of cancerous cells, but avoid any intensely acidic flavors, we've got just the brand for you.

The Beet was lucky enough to try Big Easy Bucha, an artisan kombucha brand billed as "the easy-drinking Kombucha"-- and they weren't kidding: Big Easy Bucha's flavors include classics like Jammin' Ginger, Geaux Green and Cajun Kick, fruity offerings such as Melon Magic, Parade Punch, and Front Porch Peach, and delightful seasonal flavors like Apple Pie. They've found a way to minimize vinegariness while delivering an insanely smooth taste, something that the Kombucha market was desperately lacking.

Plus, their bottles are so cute you can't help but snap a few pics for the gram. My personal favorite was the soothing Jammin' Ginger and seasonal Apple Pie, but I'm eager to try my hand at crafting cocktails with Big Easy Bucha's fruitier offerings like Front Porch Peach.

Kombucha haters, this is the product that just might convert you from cynic to fan. Big Easy Bucha is available online at Amazon and in select stores. Find a location near you here.

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