Going plant-based usually means giving up some of the core tenets of the American diet such as milk and eggs, burgers, and most specifically steak. Americans love their beef, regardless of the health implications (red meat has been linked to heart disease and other chronic illnesses) and environmental issues (raising farmed animals accounts for 1/3 of all greenhouse associated with food production). So when Beyond Meat decided to create a brand new plant-based steak product, we knew we had to try it and find out if the biggest name in meat alternatives was offering a solution to how to go plant-based and have your steak too. So we set out to taste test Beyond Steak Plant-Based Seared Tips.

The average American eats about 55 pounds of beef annually, according to the USDA but Beyond Meat's latest entry into the meatless market is well-timed. More and more younger consumers are turning away from meat altogether, for the sake of the planet, their health, and an aversion to supporting an industry that is cruel to farmed animals. More than half of young consumers self-identify as flexitarian, meaning they eat a mostly plant-based diet. About 87.5 percent of Gen Z are worried about the environment and shop with climate-friendly products in mind. These so-called Climatarieans are part of the trend that is fueling the growing demand for plant-based meat products like Beyond Steak Plant-Based Seared Tips.

Beyond Meat Launches New Vegan Steak

Ever since last August, plant-based shoppers have been anticipating the arrival of Beyond's new plant-based steak tips, after the company applied for 108 trademarks that also included Beyond Milk, Beyond Seafood, and Beyond Tuna, among others. The company could use a new storyline, and just this week, an executive, Doug Ramsay, was forced to leave the company after being arrested for allegedly biting a man in the nose (not a great look for a plant-based meat company).

Beyond's stock price has taken a tumble of late and was trading at below 14 the day the steak appeared on store shelves in the mid-west, and investors are hoping the steak will help bolster it back to IPO price of $25. Since that day in May of 2019, the stock has sizzled as high as 234.90 (on July 26, 2019), and the 52-week high price was 109.76, which is 673% above the current share price as the meat hit shelves the week that ended on Friday, October 14th when shares fell again to $13.34, just slightly above its all-time low of $12.76. Analysts point to increasing competition in the plant-based meat alternative market as part of the reason the stock is depressed, along with supply chain issues, price competition, and more.

Can Plant-Based Steak Save Beyond Meat?

So Beyond is now hoping its latest product, steak tips, will take the stock out of a tailspin and satisfy America's steak lovers by offering them a more planet-friendly, heart-healthy option. Eating red or processed meats can increase your risk of heart disease by 18 percent. One study even found that adopting a plant-based diet earlier in life could reduce your risk of heart disease 30 years later. Beyond's vegan steak gives meat-loving Americans an easy entry point to plant-based alternatives.

As for price, Beyond Meat's steak hit shelves at select Jewel-Oscos in the Midwestern United States. The Beyond Steak Seared Tips are being offered at a Suggested Retail Price of  $7.99 per 10-ounce bag, but are on sale for $5.35 on Jewel Osco's website. Prices vary from store to store.

Here's What Beyond Steak Plant-Based Seared Tips Taste Like

Beyond's Steak uses its signature blend of wheat gluten and fava bean protein to provide a protein-packed meat alternative that will satisfy even the most avid steak lover. The recipe features 21 grams of protein with only 1 gram of saturated fat. An equivalent serving of conventional beef steak contains approximately 6 grams of saturated fat, making the Beyond Steak significantly better for keeping your heart healthy. Steak does deliver more protein, however, about 45 grams per 8-ounce steak.

I stopped by my local Jewel Osco to grab a bag of the new Beyond Meat Steak Plant-Based Seared Tips to try and review for taste, texture, and ingredients. Here's what I thought.

How do you Prepare Beyond Steak?

To prepare the Beyond Steak, I cooked the frozen seared tips in a hot skillet and flavored it with my favorite spices. The plant-based steak pieces were cooked and ready to eat in seven minutes. You can also air-fry for four to five minutes for a crispier bite.

What Do the Beyond Steak Plant-Based Seared Tips Taste Like?

When cooked, Beyond Steak delivers a realistic, chewy beef texture that heats up and retains spices perfectly. However, when prepared without sauce or seasonings, I found that the Beyond Steak offers a bland flavor. It has some smokey notes, but overall, its best cooked with your favorite spices. Personally, I believe the Beyond Steak is best prepared with a cajun seasoning mix for a breakfast Steak & Grits, but it's a good blank slate for any of your seasonings. This also makes it an excellent ingredient for a stew or a lo mein. 

For shoppers looking for an identical alternative to a Filet Mignon, Beyond Steak might come as a disappointment, finding it a bit bland. But this plant-based alternative has paved the way for more plant-based steak products from Beyond Meat. Instead, the Beyond Steak is designed for stir-fries, platters, tacos, burritos, and more. What the product lacks in flavor, it makes up in versatility. 

Anyone who wants a high-protein meat substitute should try Beyond Steak. The plant-based seared tips offered a tasty alternative to traditional steak pieces without any risks involving your heart health or the environment. Most importantly, this Beyond Meat product successfully avoids the off-putting smell that other Beyond products possess, such as the Beyond Burger.

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