If you want to see some impressive vegan cakes, look no farther than the Instagram account of London’s FairyPan Bakery.

Smiling at these gorgeous sweets? Us too. But it's the backstory of FairyPan’s founder, Silvia Stocchino, that has our lips upturned even more.  As the @vegansofldn handle recently revealed, Stocchino’s bakery wasn’t always doling out plant-based treats. Instead, Stocchino was inspired to go vegan after watching the work of Earthling Ed’s YouTube channel, that we consider ourselves superfans of here at The Beet.

“Silvia from @fairypanbakery has been running a baking business for 4.5 years, but in November watched Ed’s video ‘This Is The Truth,’ and immediately decided to go vegan, replacing eggs and dairy in their sweet treat,” the post begins. “So much respect for you, Silvia Fairypan is based in East London, their packaging is biodegradable, and the peanut butter cheesecake is the best cheesecake we’ve tried. We shared a box of {gifted} treats with our non-vegan neighbors and they all approved too,” the caption concludes, alongside a series of plant-based goodies like chocolate chip cookies, brownies, and more mouthwatering fare.

Watch the “This is the truth” video below. Warning: The disturbing footage may be difficult to view for some.

It’s certainly pretty motivational stuff, huh? For the roomie or parent who doesn’t get “your whole vegan thing,” you might just want to send them this YouTube link. Before you know it, they’ll be trading vegan cupcake recipes with you and extolling the virtues of a plant-based butter. Now, time to satisfy that cookie craving...

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