Actor, singer, dancer Alyson Stoner may be a triple threat on the stage, but she’s nothing but a kind friend to animals. Best known for the Step Up franchise, along with her roles in Cheaper by the Dozen and Cheaper by the Dozen 2, the 27-year-old recently shared some reflections on the four-year anniversary of her adopting a vegan diet.

“Wow. 4 years of plant-based/vegan and here’s what’s happened,” she began a lengthy Instagram post extolling both the physical and mental health benefits of going vegan.

“First, I don’t tell people what’s best for their body, but this decision has led me to have more energy, less brain fog, better digestion, reduced PMS, clearer skin, stronger immune system (used to get sick all the time), fewer mood swings, less food addiction, no food comas, more respect and gratitude for the planet and beings, cheaper grocery trips (except recent splurging on specialty items), stable weight, joyful trips to the farmer’s market, and beyond,” she continues, adding on a humorous note that it all kicked off with two weeks of exceptionally stinky flatulence to adjust to making the plant-based shift. Indeed, it appears Stoner had no shortage of positive outcomes from going vegan, whether it was reduced PMS symptoms or bolstering her immunity.

Several followers chimed in with similar experiences. One wrote, “I am 5 years of plant-based! Best decision of my life,” while another said, “same girl! been on that same journey for almost 7 years now. have never felt better in my life.”

And Stoner isn’t the only star who’s seen positive changes after going plant-based. From Kim Kardashian West eating plant-based to alleviate her psoriatic arthritis to Alexis Ohanian, Serena Williams' husband, embracing veganism to be more energetic and a healthier dad, there's a good reason the lifestyle is becoming increasingly popular among those in the spotlight—it’s research-backed, effective, and delicious.
If you’re ready to get started yourself, check out our getting started resources here. We’re already looking forward to you celebrating your one-week anniversary, one month anniversary, one year anniversary, and so many more plant-based milestones.

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