13 Companies That Ship Juices and Plant-Based Smoothies to Your Door

|Updated Oct 25, 2021
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More than ever, we’re looking for ways to keep our bodies flooded with as many nutrients as possible. And you don’t need a masters in nutrition to know that fruits and veggies are a key part of that equation, if not the most important means of getting vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. But...then laziness kicks in and that whole making a salad from scratch thing doesn't exactly pan out for you. Or maybe you made your own green juice once and then quickly realized “what a cleanup!” and whispered never again. That’s why we’ve rounded up the best juice and smoothies you can get delivered or shipped to the comfort of your abode⁠—sans kale pulp clogging your kitchen sink.

1. Raw Generation

For consistently tasty juices and smoothies that are brimming with vitamins and minerals, we can’t get enough of Raw Generation. Our personal go-to order? The Daily Greens Variety Pack (our favorite flavor is Tarte Greens). Also worth noting: An excellent option if you’re looking for fresh fruit and vegetables but are dealing with limited grocery choices, their produce boxes arrive at your door packed with 25 pounds of seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Price: 30 bottles $169.99

2. reBLEND

As we all hope to load up on fruits and vegetables during these unsettling times, reBLEND makes it easy with a line of frozen smoothie shot pops that don’t require a blender (just squeeze ‘em like in your childhood days of Fla-Vor-Ice squeeze pops). Each pop boasts fruits, vegetables and superfoods like chia seeds, beets, and baobab (Frosé All Day Chill is the best flavor in our estimation).

Price: from $13.50/month for a 5-pack multipack

3. BlendJet JetPack Smoothies

We’re having a hard time deciding between the Mango Matcha, Green Peach Ginger, Mocha Chia, Raspberry Dragon Fruit, Tropical Blue, and Banana Blueberry, so we think we’ll just treat our immune systems to them all. Each pouch consists of freeze-dried fruit, non-GMO natural flavors and other ingredients like coconut powder and oat bran. Free of artificial sugars or preservatives, all are completely plant-based and ideal for making breakfast or a snack in a rush: Add the single-serving packet to eight ounces of water (with or without ice), blend, sip away. Ideal for essential workers right now, BlendJet also makes this portable USB rechargeable blender so you can blend on the go sans power outlet.

Price: from $3.95 each or subscribe for monthly delivery and save 15% ($3.36 each)

4. Vive Organic

Raise your hand if you’ve been a little more diligent about taking wellness shots these days? These organic juice shots include fresh, anti-inflammatory ingredients like ginger, turmeric root and echinacea. Cold-pressed and made without any fillers, the lineup includes the original immunity boost, immunity boost with cayenne, electro restore, and more.

Price: $46 for 12 shots

5. Pure Green

Whether you’re in the mood for a smoothie with plant-based protein, açaí and pitaya bowls, cold-pressed juice or wellness shots, there’s something to delight every kind of palate. The company even services over 50 professional sports teams, so you know the nutrition profiles here are superb. Place an order from New York City store here, with locations in Florida and Chicago slated to open soon.

Price: juice shots from $3.75; smoothies from $8

6. One Potato

If you’ve got kids who are picky eaters, One Potato’s organic meals have been a game-changer since 2016. Now, they’ve launched seven new smoothie kits with standouts like the Bright Green Smoothie, Pina Colada Smoothie, and Blue Chia Smoothie. Just BYO plant-based milk, blend and serve.

Price: from $5.95 per smoothie pack

7. Pressed Juicery

These days, you can bet we’re big on their new line with Bragg of apple cider vinegar wellness shots and an ACV-infused green juice. But whether you opt for juice shots, green juices, vegan soft-serve freeze, or otherwise, we’re yet to meet a product we don’t like. You can have their cold-pressed juices shipped straight to you, and with their membership program you can rack up to 35% in savings.

Price: juices from $5 member pricing ($6.75 for non-member)

8. Splendid Spoon

Your dad thought eating vegan was boring. And then he tried Splendid Spoon. In addition to their line of plant-based, gluten-free, ready-to-eat soups and grain bowls, they’ve got a tantalizing lineup of low-sugar smoothies. Orange Hibiscus Smoothie, we have a feeling we’ll be seeing a lot of you in our future. Be sure to tack on their new Wellness Shot with ginger and lemon to your next delivery.

Price: from $9 per smoothie as part of a weekly plan

9. Juice Generation

We’ve been having quarantine dreams about JG’s açaí bowls. New Yorkers, it’s time to go ahead and splurge a little with delivery in Brooklyn and Manhattan. While you’re at it, tack on a Get Ur Green On or another stellar green juice. Also worth looking into, their nationwide BIY—blend-it-yourself options where you select any six or 12 smoothies or açaí bowls to fill your box— and one-, three-, or five-day Cooler Cleanse programs.

Price: juices from $5.45

10. Daily Harvest

There's a good reason our editorial director can’t get enough of this organic, plant-based smoothie and meal delivery service. Each smoothie is a cinch to make: Just take the cup of fruits, veggies, and mixins like maca, mint, and acerola, out of your freezer, fill to the top with the liquid of your choice (they’re typically best with plant-based milk or coconut water, but water works in a pinch, too) and blend. Not to be missed? The Dragonfruit + Lychee and Chocolate + Blueberry smoothies.

Price: $7.99 per smoothie

11. Suja Juice

These organic, cold-pressed juices are equal parts nutrient-rich and tasty as heck. Right now, we’re also loving the immunity defense shot with ginger, turmeric, echinacea, live probiotics, and more. To save money, order one of their handy subscriptions, available for various types of green juice enthusiasts.

Price: from $5.99 per juice

12. BluePrint

Don’t mind us, you’ll just find us swilling from our go-to greens pack from now until the end of time. With juices, wellness shots called “SuperBoosters,” and vinegar tonics, there’s plenty to choose from in BluePrint’s expansive collection. These organic, cold-pressed juices can be bought as part of cleanse programs if you’re in the market for a total detox, as well. (We’re raising our hand and bowing to the antioxidants Gods.)

Price: $65 for six juices

13. Raw Juicery

Now offering free one-day shipping nationwide, we adore these organic, cold-pressed juices that can be ordered in custom boxes of 10 or through pre-selected 20 packs with up to 24% off the list price. You can also buy juices through their cleanse programs if you’re hoping to commit to a two- or three-day total detox regime. Bottoms up!

Price: from $8 per juice