What to Stock Up on Now at Whole Foods: Not TP. Popcorn and Pizzas

|Updated Jun 3, 2020

As a rare outing, I drove to Whole Foods (13 miles away, since I am now self-isolating and holed up in a house well outside of New York City) and here is what I can report: They have hand sanitizer at every checkout. People in line are standing a good six feet apart. The aisles are mostly empty and plenty of friendly clerks will direct you to anything you might need. That's the good news.

In other news, there is a limit of four frozen pizzas per customer. I had five Amy's Vegan boxed pizzas in my cart: The Supreme, the Vegetable and the Margarita (two of those last two) and was halted at checkout and she made me choose my top four. Not happy! But  I understand that in a time like this, busy moms need something quick to put on the table. We have to ration our 'za hoarding. I get it.

At first, when she told me I had to put a pizza back, I thought the checkout person was telling me that I didn't need to eat four pizzas, and was judging my diet choices. But then I realized it was about not being piggy, not about my personal eating like a pig. (My niece came to my rescue and bought me one. That's being truly loving.)

Whole Foods Pizzas Whole Foods Pizzas

The other thing completely sold out was popcorn kernels. I have an air popper that is a snacker's best friend. HIGHLY recommend you get one of these. My somewhat long-shot supposition is that everyone is watching movies at night and they all need popcorn to go with that home viewing party. The other fact that I  am happy to share is that popcorn is a guilt-free treat. It's high in fiber, fills you up for very few calories (30 per cup) and some diets even suggest it will reduce belly fat. Not going to speak to that, but it sure is a satisfying snack these days, and even the act of making it and hearing it pop, filling the room with cheerful smells that remind me of making it as a kid (who remembers Jiffy Pop in the aluminum pan?), so I was fairly disappointed to find not a kernel in the vast store.

That said, if that is my only complaint from a trip to Whole Foods, other than the sticker shock when my cart held over $200 in groceries, I have no complaints at all. Stay safe, stay well and keep washing your hands. And leave off the shoes at the door. That's all from here.

My Whole Foods Haul!