Streetwear and shoe company Vans recently debuted its first sustainable shoe collection in a move to reshape decades-old production practices. Marking what would have been the beginning of the Van’s Warped Tour, the shoe brand decided to start summer off by launching an innovative range for its iconic footwear. The new Eco Theory collection will feature four of the most popular shoe styles sourced solely from ethical materials that promote a vegan and environmentally friendly industry.

The reinvented shoe collection will include the lace-up Authentic sneakers, the SK8-Hi high tops, the Style 36 classics, and the staple Slip-Ons. The unmistakable Vans range can now be purchased with full environmental consciousness, moving away from production methods that harm the environment. The company’s move shows its renewed dedication to sustainability, shifting from typical industry practices.

“Sustainability has to be at the forefront of Vans for the future,” sponsored Vans athlete and professional surfer Dan Gudauskas said. “It’s a fantastic moment to own the space and contribute to a more sustainable way of producing.”

The biggest difference that the Eco Theory range makes for Vans is that the company abandoned its frequently used harsher textiles such as suede, petroleum-based rubber, and chemical dyes. The new collection uses organic cotton, natural rubbers, hemp, cork, and water-based glues and dyes to minimize its environmental footprint. The SK8-Hi Decon 38 high tops are now produced with 100 percent organic cotton, laced up with hemp fibers. Instead of using conventional rubber for the soles, Vans replaced the environmentally damaging material with a responsibly sourced natural rubber.

Vans’ sustainability push is the latest in a growing list of companies to refigure production to promote vegan and environmentally friendly practices. Adidas continues to enhance its vegan selections, releasing its first Stan Smith sneaker made with vegan leather. Beyond that, New Balance teamed up with Jaden Smith to develop an upscale vegan sneaker sourced completely from vegan leather and recycled materials. The shoe and streetwear market is shifting quickly away from unsustainable practices that previously defined the market, and now Vans is taking the leap into this new territory, bringing familiar favorites into an ethical market.


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