UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson just announced a plan to ban the sale of all fossil fuel cars by the year 2030. This new measure is part of an effort to increase electric vehicle sales and contribute to the UK’s “Green Industrial Revolution.” The climate action plan is intended to combat the climate crisis and help the UK’s economy recover from the effects of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Alok Sharma, UK Secretary of State for Business and Energy, explained how their plan would help the health of the world’s climate and the UK’s economy, saying, “If we apply the same zeal and ingenuity to stopping climate change as we have to tackle coronavirus, we can do so while transforming our economy, delivering jobs and growth across the country.”

UK Joins Other European Countries to Ban Fossil Fuel Vehicles

With the new proposed ban on vehicles that use fossil fuels, the UK joins Germany, Ireland, Norway, and the Netherlands who have also proposed similar timelines to halt the sale of non-electric cars.

The UK’s younger generation has also joined the fight against climate change, with 35 percent of the UK’s Gen-Zers saying they'll be plant-based by next year. The Prime Minister’s decision to proceed with the “green energy revolution” might have been swayed by a surprising influence: Ben & Jerry’s newest ice cream flavor, “Save Our Swirled.” Ben & Jerry partnered with the UK’s Climate Colation to raise awareness and persuade customers to sign a petition to persuade the Prime Minister.
The UK’s proposed ban on cars that use fossil fuel is a significant first step in the fight to combat the climate crisis. Wherever you live, if you’re looking to reduce your carbon consumption, here are some tips on how to live more sustainably and a guide to eating for planetary health.

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