After the success of Ben & Jerry's delicious, plant-based, “Unfudge Our Future” ice-cream, the beloved ice cream company has launched another dairy-free flavor in partnership with UK organization The Climate Coalition. This time, Ben & Jerry’s named the flavor “Save Our Swirled NOW!,” and it uses an almond milk base, with coconut, chunks of chocolate, and caramel swirls.

Ben & Jerry’s and the UK’s Climate Colation are working together to raise awareness and persuade customers to sign a petition intended to be a call to UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson to take action against the threat of climate change. The petition calls for a “green energy revolution,” which would create more jobs, helping the UK’s economy while investing in more green energy solutions. As the petition explains, “Our best chance of building a resilient economy goes hand in hand with tackling climate change.”

Ben & Jerry’s specifically chose to use a dairy-free flavor when launching climate-conscious campaigns in both the UK and Australia because of the devastating environmental impact of dairy production. Like many other incredible dairy-free icecream brands, Ben & Jerry’s newest flavor shows that fighting climate change and ditching dairy can still taste very sweet.

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