More and more companies have taken the pledge to move towards plant-based business models, and the avalanche continues to gain momentum. MacFarms LLC, a leading producer of Hawaiian macadamia nuts, partnered with its Royal Hawaiian Orchards (RHO) macadamia nut brand in 2020, making strides to take the companies towards a new plant-based dedication. The company has plans to continue this growth, and push for more products for the plant-based consumer.

With the market explosion of plant-based milk, parent company Health & Plant Protein Group Ltd. (HPP) invested itself in the LAVVA nut milk and yogurt brand. There is no shortage of new alternatives to milk, and MacFarms is expanding its healthy promise by promoting plant-based brands and diets. The LAVVA products are made from pili nut along with other natural ingredients to create an offering to satisfy dieters who need a fresh alternative to dairy. The LAVVA brand is rapidly growing with no sign of stopping, and the popularity follows the same spike in plant-based consumers.

“We worked really hard last year to achieve broader company goals, and we are really proud of the co-investment in LAVVA and its nut-based products,” General Manager of Sales and Marketing K.C. Blinn explained. “It is an ideal addition to the HPP portfolio and is a great complement to our plant driven focus. This, along with our record sales and a clear vision for growth through 2021 is what will continue to drive our efforts towards advancing plant-based solutions for a growing health-conscious world.”

MacFarms and HPP showcased the companies’ dedication to plant-based consumers by standing behind LAVVA, but the nut milk and yogurt brand is growing to prove the upward trend is the future for more and more companies. Founded in 2017, LAVVA can be found nationwide at 500 retailers including Whole Foods Market, Sprouts Farmers Market, Good Eggs, and Wegman’s.

After years of championing the health benefits of macadamia nuts, MacFarms’ move to plant-based models is natural. The company took the new year as an opportunity to renew its place as a leader for health products and now plans to go beyond just the macadamia nut. Over the course of 2021, plant-based consumers should keep their eyes on MacFarms and the Health & Plant Protein Group to see what products that they start fueling through the new year.

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