Vegan? Check. Organic? Check. Totally delicious? You betcha. It’s no easy feat to make icing without butter or cream, let alone one that tastes amazing and has a healthy-ish nutrition profile.

But that’s exactly what food gamechanger, Emily D. Edwards, founder of Paradise Snax did with her creation of Emily’s Foods which creates organic, vegan hybrid icing/dips in both chocolate and caramel sea salt vanilla flavors. Sold either as standalone tubs or in the form“Snax Pax”—icing-covered gluten-free pretzels—the vegan icing is made with five grams of satisfying pea protein per serving.

Perfect for an afterschool snack or to make just-another-boring muffin more indulgent, the smooth texture of the icing is much like the real deal—hold the animal cruelty and insane amounts of excess sugar. So how did Edwards stumble upon this idea? A former social worker in private practice, Edwards was first inspired to start the company in 2018 when she was striving to improve her health.

“During this time I also went on a weight loss journey and soon discovered that it was hard to find snacks low in sugar and high in protein that satisfied my taste buds,” Edwards shared recently in a company profile on BLACK ENTERPRISE.

After devoting many months to tweaking and tasting her vegan icing recipe in her own kitchen, she worked at Purdue University’s food lab for a year conducting research and refining product development. The result was a pea protein-based dip you can feel good about eating.

Fast forward to today and you can order Edward’s delectable icings on the Paradise Snax website here. Trust us when we say the six-pack Snax Pax of chocolate and caramel sea salt vanilla-covered pretzels are about six hundred too few. Happy munching!

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