We took the most popular diet on the planet, the keto diet, and the healthiest diet on the planet, a plant-based or vegan approach, and combined them to create the most effective, yet healthier way to lose weight–in one simple three-week plan. Just in time for Spring!

Sign up for this easy, effective, and fast weight loss plan so you can shed those unwanted pounds and do it in a way that is healthier than the traditional approach to keto. Sign up today and you are eligible for a special discount code, spring5, to get $5 off so instead of paying the full price of $24,95 you get everything-–the recipes, guide, daily newsletters, shopping list–everything you need to get in shape for the season–for just $19.95.

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We are so excited about this new vegan keto diet, we want you to sign up!

We want you to try The Vegan Keto Diet, complete with 41 recipes, 3 weeks of meal plans and shopping lists, and tons of helpful tips and support. Most people think of keto diets as meat-filled and reliant on full-fat dairy to achieve the goal of 70 percent fat, 20 percent protein, and 10 percent carbs. And you'd be correct to define plant-based diets as just the opposite: Full of healthy vegetables, fruit, whole grains, seeds, nuts, and protein-packed legumes like beans. But you can do a keto-friendly diet and lose weight fast using all those healthy foods, swapping in avocado, coconut, and other plant-based heart-healthy whole foods, and still achieve the same philosophy of keto, which is a low-carb approach, but do it much healthier!

The Vegan Keto Diet is launched!

Sign up now and we'll send you the link to be among the very first people to have the chance to start losing weight the healthier way! Plus you'll get $5 off with the code spring5 for early bird customers. The regular price for all this programming is $24.95 but when you enter your code and you'll qualify for the $5 off code and will get this limited-time offer of The Vegan Keto Diet Plan for $19.25.


Sign up for The Vegan Keto Plan and you'll get:

One beautiful complete guide, in the form of an e-book that you can keep on your phone or desktop, or download and print out.

The Vegan Keto Diet has everything you need to lose weight the healthy way for Spring:

  • One beautiful guide to download and print out
  • Three weeks full of 41 easy delicious recipes
  • 3 weekly shopping lists, to plan ahead and get organized
  • Daily Meal Plans that are easy to follow
  • Helpful Expert Tips to help you stay on track
  • Support online and Live chats on Facebook

Get ready to love the way you look and feel!

We will be with you every step of the way. We give you advice online and in person, via Live videos with Lisa Danielson, the plant-based nutritionist who developed the plan, who will help you get over the keto flu and keep going. She has all the tricks and tips and is ready to share them.

The Mission of The Vegan Keto Diet Plan

Our goal in creating this healthier Vegan Keto diet plan is to help anyone who is interested in doing a traditional keto diet to do it smarter–which is to make it over as a plant-based diet.

The eventual goal is to help you lose weight and move toward a healthier plant-based approach to health and nutrition. Rather than following the traditional keto diet, which is heavy on meat and animal fats, we have created a cleaner, healthier version that is also a more sustainable way of eating.

The eventual goal of this plan is to help you lose weight, become healthier, and eat a more plant-based diet. How does that sound? Like it? Sign up and get your early-bird discount, and start losing weight even sooner! We can't wait to hear from you!

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