The Green Mask Project Offers Eco-Friendly Masks to Buy or Donate

|Updated Apr 17, 2020

Masks are becoming an essential part of our daily lives, and they look like they will be around for a while, we are all seeking the softest, most effective ones we can find. The Green Mask Project launched by In2Green, makes ecologically friendly masks with a replaceable inner paper filter that will have you breathing easy on your way to the market, the gas station or wherever your essential travels take you. For every mask sold, they are donating one to a shelter or emergency services center.

Doing Good, with Eco-Friendly Fabrics

The company, which makes recycled polyester (from water bottles) and recycled soft cotton apparel, blankets, customized baby blankets and super-soft throws that are the perfect gifts, started the Green Mask Project to turn their skills and attention into doing good and helping others during this time of crisis. They are offering the option to let you buy a mask and also donate a mask if you choose to do so, as a way of helping those in need. Each mask lists for $15, so you can send the good vibes out into the world as you stock up on your new most essential health accessory.

"We’ve created machine washable masks made of eco-materials for daily non-medical usage for adults and children," the website explains. "For every mask purchased, we will donate one to a shelter or emergency services center. Our masks are adjustable, super soft and will ship with a replaceable filter within 6 business days." No reason not to buy two, today.