You stand in the store or scan online and the selection of plant-based options can be paralyzing: What to try and buy this week gets even more complicated among the vast and growing array of plant-based food and drinks that are directed at boosting your health, strengthening your immunity, or helping you lose weight fast. That's where the editors of The Beet can help. Each week we share our favorite snacks, drinks, and ingredients to try next when you're embarking on a plant-based diet for the sake of your health and the planet. Lucy Danziger, Stephanie McClain, Hailey Welch, and Caitlin Mucerino are experts after more than a year of having taste-tested and tried out hundreds of plant-based products (since launching The Beet last January) and we have recommendations to share. Here, our picks:

Lucy's Favorites

1. Daya Vegetable Crust Pizza With Meatless Pepperoni and Jalapeno

Sometimes you just need a little junk food to soothe the soul When it's that kind of week (like this was for me) nothing hits the spot like this frozen thin crust 'za with cauliflower and sweet potato crust and all the salty cheesy goodness of your favorite frozen pies from your past (back before you decided to go plant-based). Daya has mixed a healthy gluten-free crust with traditional toppings that deliver a classic cheesy, meaty taste (but all plant-based) and oh-so indulgent chewiness that in the moment satisfies more than any salad or stir fry ever could.

I am usually not a fan of fake meat, since it either tastes "too real" or just fake, but this meatless pepperoni topping with a spicy jalapeno is a trip down memory lane to the days of frozen pizza when I was too busy, lazy or exhausted to make a fresh-cooked dinner. The veggie crust crisps up perfectly in the oven and lets you "eat bad" while "feeling good" about it. The pie is a generous size, big enough to tuck away at least half of it into the fridge as leftovers, so your satisfying, sinful indulgence can easily last for two filling meals.

Anyone who is gluten-free will appreciate the veggie crust made with cauliflower, sweet potatoes, and spinach. The rest of us just feel like we had a pizza dinner that makes it easier to be healthier and return to salads, tomorrow!

Check out the full selection of Daya pizzas here. 

2. Rule Breaker Plant-Based Mint Chocolate Brownie

Keep the junk food rolling. Yep, sometimes you need a little treat, even if you know better. That's what happened this week and to my great delight, I found extremely satisfying mint chocolate bites that give me that combo taste I love so much. Rule Breakers makes a nut-free mint chocolate brownie bite that comes in a cheerful, brightly colored bag and makes you feel like a kid again. Not to say they are purely healthy, but the first ingredient on the label is chickpeas. Okay so there's also Palm Shortening but with Date Past and Tapioca, you know the makers are trying to be sustainable and creative in how they deliver that sweet taste. Pop a few of these, wait for the minty flavor to really take hold and you're fully satisfied.

Find your Rule Breakers here.

Stephanie's Favorites

1. Bamboozle 7-Piece Bamboo Cooking Bowls

I'm always searching for eco-friendly alternatives to plastic, as well as ways to save space in my apartment's tiny NYC-sized kitchen. These biodegradable bamboo nesting bowls solve both problems and stack away for easy storage.

These sturdy, stacking bowls replaced my collection of mismatched bowls, and the set has a size for every use: Mixing my own sauces, enjoying buddha bowls for meals, baking, and serving large salads. In three different colorways, there’s a set to match any kitchen decor. If you’ve been looking for an eco-friendly, plastic alternative for your kitchen, I definitely recommend the insanely high quality of these beautiful bamboo bowls. Purchase these on the brand's website here

2. Cauli Crunch Premium Cauliflower Crumbs

A head of cauliflower doesn't last long in my kitchen, as I'm constantly making batches of cauli wings to much on throughout the day. Now that I've discovered Cauli Crunch cauliflower breadcrumbs, it disappears even quicker. I've been addicted to making what I think of as a sort of cauliflower inception–cauliflower florets dipped in a seasoned batter, then rolled in Cauli Crunch breadcrumbs and baked at 400 degrees for 20 minutes.

It makes the perfect healthy replacement for wings, but you can use the breadcrumbs to add some crunch to basically anything. I've also enjoyed coating tofu, zucchini slices, and okra in these cauliflower breadcrumbs and baking them for a delicious crunch. The crumbs come in Original, 7-Spice, and Taste of Italy and you can purchase on the brand's site here.

Hailey's Favorites

1. Daring Foods Chicken

The next time someone says they can't go plan-based because they love chicken on top of a salad, tell them to try Daring Foods vegan 'chicken,' it tastes just like the real thing.

Personally, I always passed on meat-alternatives. I'd rather get my protein through beans, lentils, legumes, nuts, and seeds, but now, I can't begin to tell you how much I love this 'chicken' alternative. I make the best 'chicken' caesar salad wraps, dairy-free quesadilla with 'chicken,' and the tastiest vegetable kabobs with 'chicken' and plant-based feta.

The best part about Daring Foods chicken is that it's super simple to prep. I don't consider myself a good cook by any means, but I can pull together a delicious plant-based 'chicken' meal like a chef, but only when I use Daring Foods. The cooking process is something I can get used it. It takes me less than 10 minutes to cook the chicken and I don't have to worry about under or over-cooking it because one it's made with plants so there's no 'pink' factor, and two the chicken starts to sizzle and gets real crisp around the edges so you know when its the right time to take it off the pan.

To my surprise, the vegan chicken absorbs flavors very well, and I seasoned it with spices and a chili sauce that tastes incredible. The texture and taste are so similar to real chicken that you could fool your meat-loving best friend or partner.

This weekend I plan to watch the Superbowl with a group of 'foodies' and trick them into thinking that my 'chicken' Cesar salad wrap instead vegan. My bet is that they won't have any idea and probably won't even comment on the texture.

If you're trying to get your loved one to eat more plant-based foods or ditch meat altogether, make them a plate of Daring Foods 'Chicken' tenders and you will likely change their mind about meat-alternatives.

To purchase Daring Foods 'chicken,' click here.

2. Classic Chai Latte by Tazo Tea

For the new year, I've made myself a goal to drink less coffee and kick my cravings with alternatives like this classic chia latte mix. I came across this product when I was staying the night at my best friend's house who was and still is a tea lover. She never became a coffee person so I knew that she had fun alternatives in her kitchen. She introduced me to this classic chai latte mix, and it completely changed the game. The blend is sweet, flavorful, and has a zesty comforting touch with its blend of cinnamon, black tea, ginger, cardamom, and vanilla. It tastes like a crisp fall day when you want to cozy up in a blanket next to the fire. I either drink the mix heated by itself or I will pour a half cup of coffee and fill the rest with the chai latte mix.

To purchase this classic chai latte mix by Tazo Tea, click here.

Caitlin's Favorites

1. Cocokind Facial Cleansing Oil

Nothing makes me happier than finding new clean skincare products, like Cocokind's Facial Cleansing Oil. Having acne-prone skin, I've never been in love with oil products, but after trying Cocokind, that is forever changed. This cleansing oil is a clean, vegan and organic product that is both affordable and easy to find.

Since adding this product to my skincare routine, I've noticed my skin has a healthy glow and even tone. The oil works best to remove dirt, makeup, impurities and excess oil. My favorite part about this list is the clean, short list of ingredients that includes avocado, coconut, tea tree and lavender oil. The result of these oils is a fresh, spa-like scent.

If you're in need of a new cleanser, I highly recommend trying Cocokind out. The application is easy: Massage one to two pumps of oil on dry skin using your fingers or a cotton pad, then use a damp towel to wipe off.

The cleansing oil can be found online here or at various stores such as Whole Foods, Target and Walmart for about $14. 

2. Mikuna Food's Chocho Superfood Protein Powder

Protein pancakes have become my go-to breakfast to fuel my morning. After trying numerous protein powders in the recipe, I've finally found one that stands out amongst the rest: Chocho Superfood Protein Powder.

This protein powder was not only light and packed with superfoods but it's made with one clean ingredient, Chocho powder. For anyone unfamiliar with Chocoho like me its a whole plant protein, that is 50% protein by weight, which is higher than any other plant-based protein source and is regeneratively grown in the Ecuadorian Andes Mountains.

Chocho Superfood protein powder has 20 grams of protein per serving and contains all essential amino acids. This high fiber, high protein powder has no carbs or sugar plus it provides more calcium per serving than a glass of milk. My favorite ways to use protein powder besides shakes and smoothies include pancakes and oatmeal.

You can buy Mikuna Food's Chocho Superfood Protein powder here in there flavors: Original, Vanilla and Cacao (my favorite).

Guest Appearance: Sun Sach's Favorites of the Week

1.   ImmuneSchein's Vegan Tumeric Ginger Elixir

The benefits of Turmeric are widely known from helping to fight inflammation to boosting the immune system and yet there are not very many products that are both palatable and practical for daily use.   In the past, I've added the dry spice or raw root to my smoothies and sauces but this is messy and sometimes impacts the flavor of your dish in unfun ways.

Since trying ImmuneSchein's vegan Tumeric Ginger Elixir I've become addicted to it and now we make sure we always have a few bottles on hand.  My favorite way to drink it is to add a tablespoon of the elixir to Pellegrino to make which makes an amazingly healthy drink that never gets old. Check out the range of their immunity elixirs here.

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