This Independence Day weekend might not have the usual crowded backyard barbecues and gatherings with loved ones that we’re used to. But, you can be darn sure we’ll still wish America a "Happy Birthday" with a delectable and festive feast. And what food is more fit for a July 4th celebration than the classic hot dog? This year, ring in our country’s 244th birthday with any of these delicious dogs. We promise everyone at your table will be delighted!

1. Field Roast Frankfurters

Garlic, onions, and plenty of spices make these hot dogs delicious with a simple slather of ketchup and mustard or loaded with toppings like banana peppers, sauerkraut and more. Learn more and find them in-store here.

2. Beyond Sausage

This Fourth of July, amp up your festivities with these delightfully chewy sausages. Sure, you could give ‘em the old mustard-and-ketchup treatment, but we think we’re feeling inspired by this corn dog photo for our BBQ spread. Note: These sausages are available in both Hot Italian and Brat Original. Learn more here or find them in-store here.

3. Lightlife Smart Dogs

In addition to having a wildly catchy name (isn’t “Smart Dogs” just fun to say?), the texture of these hot dogs could truly fool you for the real deal. Each serving also boasts eight grams of satiating protein. Learn more and find them in-store here.

4. Upton's Naturals Updog

One Updog is about one serving too few of these savory seitan dogs, crafted with yellow mustard seed, celery seed, garlic, natural hickory smoke concentrate, and more. Learn more here or find them in-store here.

5. Tofurky Sausages

When a hankering for hot dogs strikes, you won’t be disappointed by these vegan sausages that come in a variety of flavors including spinach pesto, andouille, and kielbasa. If you want a classic ballpark eat, there are also jumbo hot dogs. Learn more and find them in-store here.

Happy 4th all!